eDiscovery Market Player Research: A 5×5 Snapshot

Industry Research and eDiscovery

Industry research firms and analysts play a major part in the education, understanding and positioning of “players” providing offerings to specific markets.  The electronic discovery arena is no different in this regard.  While relatively new as an area of focus for major technology research organizations, the area of electronic discovery is now being tracked and covered on an increasingly more frequent, more systematic and more detailed basis by leading technology research firms than at any previous time.

Provided below is a snapshot look at five reports from five recent industry research firms in the electronic discovery area and specifically the electronic discovery providers mentioned in the specific reports.  While not all inclusive in terms of research firms or available electronic discovery research reports, the provided snapshot does provide unique insight into the electronic discovery providers on the public “radar” of several of the leading research firms  and into the coverage focus of specific electronic discovery analysts/experts within these research firms. Also, the snapshot provides a general context for considering the question of “how does a research firm determine who they will and will not cover in the electronic discovery space” – a question that can only be truly answered by each research firm.

5×5 Snapshot of Research Firms and Reports

5×5 Analyst Report Overview – 2011 (PDF of Above Image)

A Non-Inclusive Listing of Research Firms Covering eDiscovery

Additionally, provided below is a short list of research firms that appear to cover the electronic discovery space.

Source:  Online and publicly available reports, report extracts and report content overviews from both research firms and those companies covered by the research firms.

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