Weekly Top Story Digest – February 29, 2012

Compiled by @ComplexD from online public domain resources, provided for your review/use is this week’s update of key industry news, views, and events highlighting key electronic discovery related stories, developments, and announcements.

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eDiscovery News
Content and Considerations

  • A Billion Dollar Fix for Free – http://bit.ly/zD4RXW (Craig Ball)
  • A Practical Guide To Responding To Government Investigations – bit.ly/zS0diw (Roderick Thomas, Mark Sweet)
  • A Good eDiscovery Team: eDiscovery Lawyers – Part II – bit.ly/AwOmmY (Dennis Kiker)
  • All’s “Well” for Halliburton: No Sanctions Result from BP’s Spoliation Claims | Cozen O’Connor – bit.ly/yB8lqA (Diana Lin)
  • Am I Naïve to Think Something Should Be Done? | Resolving Discovery Disputes – bit.ly/yQPD5z (Katherine Gallo)
  • Beware: Courts May Force You To Pay Costs Of Unnecessary eDiscovery Actions – bit.ly/AinqyM (Austin O’Malley)
  • Check For Privilege Before Turning Over Database: The Lesson In Thorncreek Apartments – bit.ly/yz9SHL (John Tredennick)
  • Computer-Assisted Review “Acceptable in Appropriate Cases,” Says Judge Peck – bit.ly/xn79DI (Matt Nelson)
  • Computerized Document Review Defensible at Last? bit.ly/zwruTK (Ron Friedmann)
  • Cost of Converting (Electronically Stored Information) Jardin v. DATAllegro, Inc. – bit.ly/A0LSpr (Jennifer Connelly)
  • Courts Tackle Spyware Interceptions – bit.ly/AbezOp (Peter Crusco)
  • Criminal Law Catches Up: New ESI Guidelines Issued – bit.ly/yVpQvH (Shira Scheindlin, Jeffrey Rabkin)
  • Data Preservation is Critical in Trade Secrets Cases | Littler – bit.ly/zpf7Gm (Douglas Wickham)
  • E-Discovery: Avoiding eDiscovery Offenses in State Courts – bit.ly/xXmfK9 (Matthew Prewitt)
  • eDiscovery Court Pilot Programs: eDiscovery Templates that Legal Teams Should Utilize – bit.ly/wfc7pU (Mike Hamilton)
  • Eleventh Circuit Reverses Order Compelling Production Of Unencrypted Computer Contents –bit.ly/xTpPPU (Federal Evidence Review)
  • Federal Court Incentivizes Narrow eDiscovery Through Cost Shifting | Cozen O’Connor – bit.ly/wrqi8H (Lisa Myers)
  • Federal Court Approves Use of “Computer-Assisted Review” to Find and Produce Relevant ESI in Discovery – bit.ly/xBfh4F (Jay Yurkiw)
  • Government’s “Recommendations for ESI Discovery in Federal Criminal Cases” Revealed – bit.ly/zpyZ4a (K&L Gates)
  • Hard Drive of a Key Non-Party Witness is Searchable in Response to Subpoena | Gibbons – bit.ly/x1rkR6(Stephen J. Finley)
  • How a Case Can Crash and Burn: Why Litigant Should Not Set Afire Computer After It Crashes (Preservation 101) bit.ly/x3G7H1 (Gibbons)
  • Huge Hole in eDiscovery Process – bit.ly/zBhGqC (Josh Gilliland)
  • In A Milestone for Predictive Coding, Judge Peck Says, ‘Go Ahead, Dive In!’ bit.ly/Aw2xdG (Bob Ambrogi)
  • In eDiscovery Breakthrough, Judge Endorses ‘Predictive Coding’ – bit.ly/xkrjX6 (Alison Frankel)
  • Is Predictive Analytics Going Mainstream? bit.ly/xL3AWv (Cat Casey)
  • Judge Peck Issues Opinion on Computer-Assisted Review – bit.ly/wA6J26 (Monica Bay)
  • Judge Orders Twitter User’s Identity Revealed In Bachmann Threat Investigation – bit.ly/yGOWPB (Mike Scarcella)
  • Judge Peck’s Predictive Coding Game-Changer – bit.ly/zBqfuu (Craig Carpenter)
  • LegalTech New York 2012 – A New Zealand Perspective – bit.ly/yOKGFl (Andrew King)
  • New York State Reaffirms Influence of Zubulake and Pension Committee Federal Decisions – bit.ly/zUwmro (Michael Arkfeld)
  • Ownership of Work Related Social Media – Recent Case Law – bit.ly/zE5wYf (Maxine Neuhauser, Susan Sholinsky)
  • Plaintiffs Object to Predictive Coding Order, Argue Lack of Transparency in eDiscovery Process – bit.ly/yLWhJD (Philip Favro)
  • Predictive Coding’s Silver Blaze: The Dogs Who Didn’t Bark In The Night-Time – bit.ly/wzoIXO (Chris Dale)
  • Producing Party Must Pay for Discovery: Appeals Court – bit.ly/wK7a8l (Joseph Ax)
  • Saved by the Judge – Understanding Keyword Searches and “Unallocated Space” bit.ly/xbRfHF (Michael Arkfeld)
  • Service of Process Via Social Media and Authentication – bit.ly/yVBSaw (Bradley Shear)
  • Size and Significance in eDiscovery Sampling – bit.ly/yTNmD7 (@OrangeLT)
  • Still No Cure for the Malady of Jurors’ Social Media Use During Trials and Deliberations – bit.ly/zEllFW(Gibbons)
  • Taming Big Data – bit.ly/ACsmGw (Nick Patience)
  • The Act of Production: Minimize Risk When Replying to a Subpoena – bit.ly/zRVZ7o (Michael Dockterman, Ira Greenberg)
  • The Implications Of Pippins v. KPMG For The Preservation Of Evidence – bit.ly/AuP9Lk (Jon Resnick)
  • The Next Governance Frontier: Social Media – onforb.es/wYojZ7 (Barry Murphy)
  • The SEC and eDiscovery – bit.ly/wYCzbD (Wallis Hampton, Elizabeth Russo, Canaan Himmelbaum)
  • Thoughtful Guidelines for eDiscovery in Criminal Cases – bit.ly/w65VFD (Craig Ball)
  • Twittering Grievances May Be Expensive – bit.ly/wUS6xT (Joy Newborg)
  • Use of Computer-Assisted Coding Is Endorsed to Comb Through Huge Number of Documents – bit.ly/zrGCSs (Mark Hamblett)
  • U.S. District Judge Must Affirm Peck’s Decision – bit.ly/AmphIn (Albert Barsochinni)
  • Woman Must Turn Over Unencrypted Computer Hard Drive to U.S. – bit.ly/wAuPVt (Solomon Banda)

Reports and Resources

  • CNSSI-4031 Cryptographic High Value Products (CHVP) (PDF) bit.ly/xHmRPd (Committee on National Security Systems)
  • Microsoft Paper Focuses on Evolved Security, Privacy and Reliability Strategies for Cloud and Big Data – bit.ly/yR2QpG (Scott Charney)
  • New Federal Guidelines Promote Uniform Treatment of eDiscovery in Criminal Proceedings – bit.ly/AjW6sa (Bracewell & Giuliani)
  • New Research Reveals Cyber Risk Still Not Getting Adequate Attention from Boards and Senior Executives – prn.to/yvJMs5 (PR Newswire)
  • Of Frightened Horses and Autonomous Vehicles: Tort Law and its Assimilation of Innovations – bit.ly/Av1qmR (Kyle Graham)
  • Symantec 2012 State of Mobility Survey – bit.ly/xBg7PW (Press Release)
  • The Buzz On Information Matters (eDiscovery and Information Governance) bit.ly/wuj188 (Redgrave)
  • Want to Delete Web History Before Google Gathering Takes Effect? EFF Shows How – bit.ly/xJbFtq (Debra Cassens Weiss)

Sight and Sound

  • A Pinteresting Look At Ethics? From Ethics to eDiscovery – bit.ly/yKMN5o (@OrangeLT)
  • Breaking Down the White House Privacy Framework with Foley Hoag’s Colin Zick – bit.ly/Arrp1a (@LXBN)
  • Former Judge Ronald Hedges on the Collision of Privacy and EDD – bit.ly/xBfu7t (Monica Bay)
  • John Facciola, Michael Arkfeld on the ABA Ethics 20/20 Project – bit.ly/xLxr4r (Monica Bay)
  • Judicial Perspectives on Tech-Assisted Review – Video – bit.ly/y00kFq (@Xerox_XLS)
  • Legal Talk Network: Digital Detectives Podcast: “The Best Resources for Staying Current eDiscovery” – bit.ly/ykDnMi (PR Newswire)
  • LegalTech 2012: The Mashup App – Most Excellent Technology Adventure [With Video] bit.ly/zf0BJa (Greg Bufithis)
  • Video of White House Event Announcing New Internet Privacy Approach – http://ow.ly/1hAKA0 (Hogan Lovells)

Technology and Tactics

  • 5 Issues to Consider Before Deploying Cloud-Based Email for Law Enforcement – bit.ly/yFu7zP (Matt Williams)
  • 6 Shining Examples of Cloud Computing in Action – http://onforb.es/ynmBCq  (Joe McKendrick)
  • 7 Tips for Starting Information Governance Projects – bit.ly/yPP1UF (Mark Diamond)
  • Archive Now and Simplify Data Migrations | The VAR Guy – bit.ly/AeSyBI (Randy Cochran)
  • Are Outside Counsel Using SEO, Social Media to Reach GCs? bit.ly/wTzTLJ (Shannon Green)
  • Assessing the Risk of Cybercrime – bit.ly/zkMObd (Marc Mayerson, Darren Teshima)
  • Can You Screen Employees Using Facebook? bit.ly/yZGKMa (Beverly Michaelis)
  • Cloud Storage in the Age of SOPA and Megaupload – bit.ly/z5o3Yx (Ben Schorr)
  • Conflicts Arise When Complying With U.S. and E.U. Laws – bit.ly/y1QIJu (Catherine Dunn)
  • Dell Is Hoping It’s More Than a Server Company – nyti.ms/AlmB0Z (Quentin Hardy)
  • DLA Piper Sponsors Open-Source Think Tank – bit.ly/z2nHC4 (Evan Koblentz)
  • Don’t Be Ambushed by Your Cloud Provider – bit.ly/z0ceem (Mary Jander)
  • Download Your Facebook Info for eDiscovery or Curiosity – bit.ly/wcyZ0X (Jason Velasco)
  • Facebook Conducting “Test” SMS Snooping – bit.ly/yBh0l5 (Adam Smith)
  • From the Experts: Cloud Computing’s Hidden Export Regulation Risks – bit.ly/zkKHXP (Chad Breckinridge)
  • FTC Approves New COPPA Safe-Harbor Program | Covington – bit.ly/xbM8UJ (Michael Beder)
  • Grandfather Provision of Massachusetts Data Security Requirements Expiring – bit.ly/yMlMBj (Jeremy Logsdon)
  • Healthcare: A Special Area For Privacy And Data Protection – bit.ly/vZ5PNO (Jo-Ellyn Klein)
  • How Europe is Dealing with Privacy Online – bit.ly/w4ONJq (Viviane Reding)
  • Internet Privacy Bill of Rights – bit.ly/yJjCZC (Peter Vogel)
  • IT Leaders Must Swallow the Automatic ‘No’ and Focus on Making Things Happen – bit.ly/yLB7UK (Doug Caddell)
  • KPMG-Wharton Survey Indicates Boost for M&A Activity in 2012 – bit.ly/ykJMrn (PR Newswire)
  • Lessons Learned: The VeriSign Breach – bit.ly/x3R36o (Anthony Di Bello)
  • Maximizing Information Technology Return on Investment – bit.ly/zdXlBj (Edward Poll)
  • New Social Media Darling Pinterest and Copyright Law | Slaw – bit.ly/whOba1 (Connie Crosby)
  • Plucking the Eye Out of Email Storms – bit.ly/x97IjX (John Mello)
  • Proactive Cyber Security Means Knowing Your Adversary and Educating your Ally – bit.ly/wGWuab (Russ Gould)
  • Protecting Copyright Holders and Potential Infringers – bit.ly/xh8Hiz (Edward Spiro, Judith Mogul)
  • Sun Co-founder McNealy’s Startup Wayin raises $14M – bit.ly/wZ8nGL (San Jose Business Journal)
  • Stratfor E-Mails Contain Deal Details Involving Willkie and Jackson Walker – bit.ly/Aoj3UW (Brian Baxter)
  • Strong General Counsel And The New Reality – bit.ly/yoG14w (Al Driver)
  • The Top Ten Pitfalls In ITaaS Transformation – bit.ly/xKCW4t (Chuck Hollis)
  • Three Aspects of Backup Software Management that May Never Go Away – bit.ly/A8AAat (Jerome Wendt)
  • Tweets on Trial: Law Enforcement Subpoenas Twitter Account – bit.ly/AsjvyD (Mario Anzuoni)
  • Two Lawyers Sue West and LexisNexis for Reproducing Legal Briefs – bit.ly/z8yD5g (Debra Cassens Weiss)
  • Will ‘Big Data’ Transform Your Industry? bit.ly/zkBrAd (McKinsey)
  • Will The FBI Be Shutting Down Your Internet Access On March 8? bit.ly/wojUze (John Mello)
  • What is “Reasonable” for a Law Firm With Respect to Protecting Client Data? bit.ly/Ai7NhM (Sharon Nelson)

Vendor Views
Industry Landscape

  • BlackStone Discovery Leverages OneO eDiscovery Platform to Support Audio Communications Leader – bit.ly/xB8URY (Press Release)
  • Caringo’s Object Storage Platform Fully Integrated with Symantec Enterprise Vault 10 – bit.ly/zAIozR (Press Release)
  • Catalyst and Exterro Partner to Unify the Full Litigation Lifecycle – bit.ly/zix1W4 (Press Release)
  • Compiled Services Releases New Version of ReadySuite E-Discovery Software – bit.ly/wflA7k (Press Release)
  • Considering Predictive Coding? | Orange Legal Technologies – http://bit.ly/znmHLg (@OrangeLT)
  • Digital Forensics and Discovery Services Provider Expands to Taiwan – bit.ly/wBFlvx (PR Web)
  • Digital Reef Expands Legal Service Provider Partnership Program – bit.ly/w5hpxV (Business Wire)
  • Digital Reef Selected by KMWorld as one of 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management for 2012 – bit.ly/y6pJjF (Business Wire)
  • Exterro E-Discovery From A to Zeta – bit.ly/zF7VQr (Jason Krause)
  • Fast-Growing VeDISCOVERY, LLC Emerges From Parent – bit.ly/A5OKeY (Metropolitan Corporate Counsel)
  • Former DOJ Cybercrimes Chief Michael DuBose Joins Kroll – bit.ly/A8vNM2 (Matthew Huisman)
  • FTI Consulting, Inc. Reports 2011 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results – prn.to/wJIosR (PR Newswire)
  • Guidance Software And FireEye Ally To Eliminate Advanced Malware – bit.ly/zzvASs (Business Wire)
  • HP: ‘Baby Tiger’ Autonomy Will Drive Channel Business – bit.ly/yoiG5I (Kevin McLaughlin)
  • Introducing Europe Legal Technologies™, A Joint Venture of Altlaw and Global EDD Group – bit.ly/wAI8Tt(Press Release)
  • Iron Mountain Reports 2011 Fourth Quarter and Full-Year Financial Results – bit.ly/yciQVU (Business Wire)
  • kCura Recognized at Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Support – bit.ly/xR04j9 (Press Release)
  • LegalTech Micro Briefs – Part 1 – http://bit.ly/yOwmQi | Part 2 – bit.ly/zs1C9P (Greg Buckles)
  • Litigation Industry Veteran Mike Boris Joins IE Discovery bit.ly/xOgaWG (PR Newswire)
  • New Jive Connector with Alfresco Makes Social and Enterprise Cross-Platform Publishing a Reality – bit.ly/ztiKPt (Mike Johnston)
  • Nuix: The Convergence of eDiscovery and Information Governance – The Movie – bit.ly/AzCwTD (Chris Dale)
  • Proofpoint Extends Data Protection To Box File-Sharing Cloud – bit.ly/wCrLvM (Robert Mullins)
  • Recommind – Predictive Coding: Serving Corporate Counsel’s eDiscovery, Compliance And Other IM Needs – bit.ly/zE28wS (Craig Carpenter)
  • Relativity:  Avalon Document Services Becomes Relativity Premium Hosting – Partner bit.ly/wWqXpF (Press Release)
  • Seal Software Partners With Nuix to Bring Contract Visibility/Management to Corporations – bit.ly/zfXDs9 (Press Release)
  • SFL Data Experts Earn Relativity Certified Administrator Status – yhoo.it/A1ZKZW (PR Web)
  • Solix Technologies and ASG Software Form Partnership – bit.ly/zxymBR (Business Wire)
  • StoredIQ Named to KMWorld’s 2012 List of 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management – bit.ly/yb1OJp (Business Wire)
  • Syngence Hires a CTO and a VP of Product Development – bit.ly/A2BkOr (Evan Koblentz)
  • X1 Social Discovery: Tompkins v. Detroit Metropolitan Airport: Systematic Public Search of Social Media Evidence – bit.ly/xRiqk4 (John Patzakis)
  • ZyLAB Honored for 8th Consecutive Year by KMWorld as One of the “100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management” – bit.ly/xE24rx (Press Release)
  • ZL Technologies’ Unified Archive® Earns DoD 5015.02 Certification for Records Management – mwne.ws/x9X5a1 (Marketwire)

2012 eDiscovery Events


LegalIT Business Show
March 6 – 7, 2012
London, UK
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IP Counsel Forum
March 7 – 8, 2012
San Jose, CA
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AIIM 2012 Conference
March 20 – 22, 2012
San Francisco, CA
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The Sedona Conference Institute’s 6th Annual Program on Staying Ahead of the eDiscovery Curve
March 22 – 23, 2012
St. Louis, MO
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March 29-31, 2012
Chicago, IL
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ACEDS 2012 Conference
April 2 – 4, 2012
Hollywood, FL
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Hosting and Cloud Transformation Summit – Europe
April 2-3, 2012
London, UK
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12th Annual Super Conference
April 23 – 24, 2012
Chicago, IL
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2012 World Technology Law Conference & Annual Meeting
May 3 – 4, 2012
Washington, DC
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INSIGHT 2012 Law Firm IT – Conference and Exposition
May 8 – 9, 2012
London, UK
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EDRM 2012 – 2013 Kickoff Meeting
May 16 – 17, 2012
St. Paul, MN
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CEIC 2012
May 21 – 24, 2012
Summerlin, NV
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LegalTech West Coast 2012
May 22-23, 2012
Los Angeles, CA
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ILO Global Counsel Congress
June 14, 2012
New York, NY
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Carmel Valley eDiscovery Retreat
July 22 – 24, 2012
Carmel, CA
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ILTA Annual Conference 2012
August 26 – 30, 2012
Washington, DC
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Intermountain eDiscovery Conference 2012
September 13, 2012 (Planning)
Salt Lake City, UT

ACC Annual Meeting
September 30 – October 3, 2012
Orlando, FL
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EDI Leadership Summit 2012
October 17 – 19, 2012
Fort Lauderdale, FL
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