Social Media Archiving and Collection for eDiscovery?

20+ Interesting Social Media Archiving and Collection Technologies

Based on a short website survey of leading eDiscovery and/or archiving technology providers, the following list provides a quick, non-all inclusive working reference of firms that appear to have developed social media archiving and/or collection technology that may be useful in the conduct of eDiscovery.

Social Media Archiving and/or Collection Technology Providers

Updated 3/12/2012

Alphabetically Ordered

  1. 17a-4 llc
  2. Actiance
  3. Aleph Archives
  4. Archive Social
  5. Backupify
  6. Convogence
  7. eDynamics
  8. Erado
  9. Global Relay Communications
  10. Globanet
  11. GWAVA
  12. Hanzo Archives
  13. Iterasi
  14. Nextpoint
  15. PageFreezer
  16. Patrina
  17. Reed Archives
  18. RegEd (Arkovi)
  19. Socialware
  20. Smarsh
  21. SocialSafe
  22. Sonian
  23. Symantec
  24. TotalDiscovery
  25. Tweet Archivist
  26. Website Archive
  27. X1 Discovery
  28. ZL Technologies

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Source:  Public Domain Research


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