Weekly Top Story Digest – February 13, 2013

Compiled by @ComplexD from online public domain resources, provided for your review/use is this week’s update of key industry news, views, and events highlighting key electronic discovery related stories, developments, and announcements.

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eDiscovery Updates


  • 4 Tips on Cost Effectively Responding to a Litigation Hold – http://bit.ly/XwehU7 (William Eveland, Christopher Naveja)
  • 5 Tips to Handle eDiscovery in a Crisis – http://bit.ly/X2FECn (Jonathan Redgrave)
  • Blind Reliance on Vendor for Discovery Results in Sanctions – eDiscovery Case Law – http://bit.ly/WTKQeN (Doug Austin)
  • Call to Number Assigned to Business Is Self-Authenticating, But Not to Number Posted on Extinct Website – http://bit.ly/WQN3ri (Gregory Joseph)
  • Coming to Terms with Defensible Disposal; Part 1 – http://bit.ly/WTHwQG (Bill Tolson)
  • Court Awards Sanctions for eDiscovery Violations, Including Wrongful Certification Pursuant to Rule 26(g) – http://bit.ly/XfsDrR (K&L Gates)
  • Clawback Order In Action – Rajala v. McGuire Woods, LLP – http://bit.ly/X3kTpV (@ITLexOrg)
  • eDiscovery & Nursing Home Litigation: What You Need To Know – http://bit.ly/XhKiPM (Rochelle Nunez)
  • eDiscovery in Cross-Border Litigation, Part VI – http://bit.ly/WTgxEW (Daniel Garrie)
  • Electronically Stored Information in Litigation (PDF) http://bit.ly/W30aEu (Timothy Chorvat, Laura Pelanek)
  • Georgetown Study Warns Law Firms That Major Change Is Afoot – http://bit.ly/VTKvr0 (Sara Randazzo)
  • Global Aerospace Case Highlights Need For Predictive Coding Education – http://bit.ly/X2FTxh (Karl Schieneman)
  • In a Lurid Story of eDiscovery and Ham, Judge Tells Parties to Pay For Forensic Expert to Sort through Data – http://bit.ly/XvVk05 (LexisNexis)
  • In an Electronic World, Always Use the Paper Trail – http://bit.ly/X3jHDd (Stephen Bauer)
  • In Broad Ruling, US Judge Sanctions Party for Relying on Vendor in Cross-Border Case – http://bit.ly/VZvfZy (Robert Hilson)
  • Intelligent Review? Now We’re Getting Somewhere! http://bit.ly/Xakjtq (Michelle Kovitch)
  • International eDiscovery Standard Delayed – http://bit.ly/Xuyaeh (Evan Koblentz)
  • Journey into the Borg Hive: Part Nine – http://bit.ly/Xq7knC (Ralph Losey)
  • Judge Peck Does It Again! 2013 Proclaimed “Year of Information Governance” – http://bit.ly/X2AcPE (Dean Gonsowski)
  • Litigation 101 for eDiscovery Tech Professionals: Settlement – http://bit.ly/VVr68Z (Jane Gennarelli)
  • New York Takes Step Toward Expanding eDiscovery Conference Requirement – http://bit.ly/X4FYAt (Chris O’Brien)
  • Predictive Coding and eDiscovery Providers: A 120-Second Survey – http://bit.ly/Xmuk73 (@ComplexD)
  • Q & A With the Men Who Made the EDRM Mold: Tom Gelbmann and George Socha – http://bit.ly/X3idsn (Philip Favro)
  • Service of Process by Facebook? Not Just Yet! http://bit.ly/X7w0yd (Joseph Rosenbaum)
  • Standards for Exclusion of Untimely Expert Report under Rule 37(c)(1) – http://bit.ly/X4BXfp (Gregory Joseph)
  • Stored Communications Act Limits Production of Google Emails – http://bit.ly/XuKbjU (Doug Austin)
  • Survey of GC and CIOs Predicts a Major Role for Predictive Technology – http://buff.ly/Yd5yTQ (Bob Ambrogi)
  • Technology Assisted Review: A Spectrum of Choices – http://bit.ly/XqkpgE (Cat Casey)
  • Technology-Assisted Review: What We Learned: Legal Tech NY 2013 – http://bit.ly/XseaJc (Richard Stout)
  • The 20 Stages of Litigation – http://bit.ly/14FFDcP (Kelli Clark)
  • The Interdependence of Data Governance and eDiscovery – http://bit.ly/VWl9sB (Jeff Fehrman)
  • Understanding and Authenticating Evidence from Social Networking Sites (PDF)  http://bit.ly/Wz5aT6 (Heather Griffith)
  • Washington State Senate Proposes Ban on Mandatory Disclosure of Employee Social Networking Passwords – http://bit.ly/WQQGgV (Scott Schaefers)
  • Who Owns Your Twitter Account? http://bit.ly/X7vPD5 (Arianna Gleckel)
  • Will eDiscovery Swallow The Judicial System? http://bit.ly/Xq52om (William Ruskin)
  • Zubulake Revisited: Shifting Standards in eDiscovery – http://bit.ly/X2QtEv (Michelle Lange)




  • 10 Steps To Take When Hiring From A Competitor : Trade Secrets and Noncompete Blog – http://buff.ly/WP0VCu (Peter Steinmeyer)
  • Applying Risk Tools to a Strategic Technology Plan – http://bit.ly/XqqTMx (Rebecca Thorkildsen)
  • Broker-Dealers Really Need to Handle Confidential Information Better. . . Or Else – http://bit.ly/X5uiNO (Ernest Badway
  • Data Security Breaches Mainly Involve Outsourced IT Service Providers, According To Trustwave Report – http://bit.ly/XzBZim (Pinsent Masons)
  • Expected Developments in Securities Laws in 2013 – http://buff.ly/VUqEIf (Katayun Jaffari, Andy McCarthy)
  • EU: Commission Adopts New AML Proposals on Group-Wide Data Sharing – http://bit.ly/WTc5WW (Data Guidance)
  • EU DPAs May Be Overruled by Commission Under New Regime – http://bit.ly/XsiEzG (Hogan Lovells)
  • EU’s New Cybersecurity Directive Orders States To Set Up Emergency Response Teams – http://tcrn.ch/WQDuJ1 (Ingrid Lunden)
  • European Court of Human Rights Decision on Copyright and Freedom of Expression – http://bit.ly/XseqrH (Simon Fodden)
  • Florida Issues New Rules For Lawyer Websites – http://bit.ly/WQNcuP (@ITLexOrg)
  • Hewlett-Packard and the Art of Finance – http://bit.ly/W3qhLs (Karen Berman, Joe Knight)
  • Labor: Should You Use Social Media To Screen Job Applicants? http://bit.ly/X2PRyt (Tina Maiolo)
  • Online Relationships – Catfish On The Table – Social Media Employment Blog – http://bit.ly/WTHKau (Michael Schmidt)
  • Quadrophenia and Four Compliance Issues – http://buff.ly/XuvRbg (Thomas Fox)
  • SEC Not Backing Down in Fight Against Chinese Auditors – http://bit.ly/VUoo3H (Terence Healy, John Tan, Jennifer Achilles)
  • Sen. Rockefeller Hears CEO Support for Cybersecurity Legislation – http://bit.ly/YcgKQx – (Catherine Dunn)
  • Study Shows Employees Steal Corporate Data and Don’t Believe It’s Wrong – http://mwne.ws/WP134L (Marketwire)
  • UK Court Rules Criminal Records Checks System Breaches Human Rights – http://bit.ly/14FF7LQ (Hunton & Williams)
  • U.K. Regulator Is Looking Into Autonomy’s Pre-HP Books – http://dthin.gs/X4zUYx (Arik Hesseldahl)
  • Upjohn Warnings: The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same – http://bit.ly/XuB2rx (James McGrath)
  • We Are Spending Too Much Time Surfing Web For Personal Reasons at Work. What To Do About Cyberloafers?  http://bit.ly/WTHZ5s (Brian Hall)
  • What Does 2013 Have In Store for Government Contractors and Their Lawyers? http://buff.ly/XuMtPT (Louis Victorino, Jonathan Aronie)


  • Inconsistent Responsiveness Determination in Document Review: Difference of Opinion or Human Error? (PDF) http://bit.ly/12z9ntg (Maura Grossman, Gordon Cormack)
  • New FCPA Resource Guide – http://bit.ly/VZb129 (Deloitte)
  • The Privacy Legal Implications of Big Data: A Primer – http://bit.ly/Xxz75w (David Navetta)
  • Top 5 eDiscovery Case Summaries – February 2013 – http://bit.ly/XqAqTL (Kroll Ontrack)
  • Weekly “Quick 10″ Corporate Risk Review Stories – 2.8.13  http://bit.ly/W396JU (@ActionableINT)


  • A Practicing eDiscovery Litigator’s Perspective on LTNY 2013 – Baker Hostetler’s Gil Keteltas – http://bit.ly/W09FUQ (LXBN)
  • Demands of E-Discovery Technology Drives the Creation of New Software – http://bit.ly/XxAv8k (LXBN)
  • eDiscovery Best Practices: A Staged Look At Process And Law – http://bit.ly/W0cVQ0 (@OrangeLT)
  • LPOs ‘Weaponizing’ Predictive Coding for Own Use, Says Expert Kevin Colangelo – http://bit.ly/VZuXCd (ACEDS)
  • New Security Standards? (Cartoon) http://bit.ly/VTZ260 (@OrangeLT)



  • 10 Tips for LegalTech Vendors – http://bit.ly/X7st35 (Adam Losey)
  • 12 on 12: Favorite Moments at LegalTech New York – http://buff.ly/XuyCJv (Monica Bay)
  • A New Perspective | http://bit.ly/XxzSvx (Tim Leehealey)
  • AccessData Group Unveils Business Social Network for its Global Channel – http://buff.ly/WOaMbx (Business Wire)
  • Attivio Active Intelligence Engine 3.5 Adds Advanced Ontology Module and Event-Driven Visualization – http://buff.ly/XvlXWQ (Press Release)
  • Axiom to Receive $28 million in Funding – http://bit.ly/Yd59AJ (Ashley Post)
  • Babs Deacon’s 2013 LTNY Update – http://bit.ly/VWq24Z (eDiscovery Journal)
  • Barracuda Issues Security Update, Apologizes To Customers – http://buff.ly/WTiYaB (Mathew Schartz)
  • BlackBag Technologies Announces MacQuisition(TM) 2013.R1 Software Release – http://bit.ly/X4zodj (PR Web)
  • Blog Posts on eDiscovery and eDisclosure – January 2013 – http://bit.ly/Xq4f73 (Chris Dale)
  • Brad Jenkins of CloudNine Discovery – eDiscovery Trends – http://buff.ly/XuJgQm (Doug Austin)
  • British Regulators to Investigate Accounting at Autonomy – http://nyti.ms/X2G7Ek (Mark Scott)
  • Cellebrite Doubles Support for Mobile Forensic User Lock Bypass on Best-Selling Android Models – http://buff.ly/W33sHV (Business Wire)
  • Company Overview and Offerings: An Information Brochure from Orange Legal Technologies – http://buff.ly/X2ryAW (@OrangeLT)
  • Copyright Suit Dismissed Against Lexis, Westlaw – http://bit.ly/XuOf3J (Reuters Legal)
  • Flat Rate eDiscovery Services featured by Zetta Discovery Group – http://buff.ly/X4zIZo (Press Release)
  • FTI Consulting To Release Fourth Quarter 2012 Results and Host Conference Call – http://buff.ly/W0hv0K (Press Release)
  • Guidance Software Gains Record-breaking Number of New EnCase Enterprise Customers in 2012 – http://bit.ly/W31APj (Business Wire)
  • Guidance Software Reports 2012 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Financial Results – http://bit.ly/WTii54 (Business Wire)
  • IBM Completes Acquisition Of StoredIQ – http://ibm.co/WRjp5d (Press Release)
  • Law Still Has to Be Practiced – More About Products at LegalTech New York 2013 – http://buff.ly/XuL4ZE (LexTek Report)
  • LDM Global Expands Capacity and Opens a New Data Center in Denver, Colorado – http://buff.ly/WR3Ydl (@LegalIT)
  • LegalTech New York 2013 Wrap Up – A First Timer’s Perspective – http://bit.ly/WQO6rd (Drew Lewis)
  • LTNY 2013 – The Aftermath According to Buckles – http://buff.ly/14FOCuH (Greg Buckles)
  • NightOwl’s nVelope Self-Collection Tool – http://bit.ly/W30xil (Sean Doherty)
  • No-Cost Email Archiving Licenses Special Continued for Sonasoft Tenth Anniversary – http://bit.ly/X7utZ4 (PR Web)
  • FTI Consulting Builds Financial Services Governance, Risk and Regulatory Team in Europe – http://on.mktw.net/XzIfXg (PR Newswire)
  • Nuix to Host Techno Security and Forensic Investigations Conference in 2013 – http://buff.ly/VWkVl2 (Business Wire)
  • Quantum Discovery (QDiscovery) Expands National Presence with Acquisition of Preferred Imaging – http://yhoo.it/WTd6OC (PR Newswire)
  • Recommind Revamps Legal Hold Strategy – http://bit.ly/X7sFzh (Evan Koblentz)
  • Tech Circuit: LegalTech New York Edition, Take Two – http://buff.ly/WO97CX (Monica Bay)
  • The LegalTech Band Rocks New York City – http://buff.ly/X4EWEx (John Tredennick)
  • The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Big Data –  http://bit.ly/X3jWy2 (Fast Company)
  • Welcome to UBIC as New Sponsor of the eDisclosure Information Project – http://buff.ly/X4CxK6 (Chris Dale)
  • What’s New From LTNY – One Decision® Document Review Accelerator for eDiscovery – http://buff.ly/YuB1qo (@OrangeLT)
  • What’s New From LegalTech New York – http://buff.ly/VYkeaV (Sean Doherty)
  • Xerox Launches Viewpoint Certification Program – http://bit.ly/X2FISs (Marilyn Gladden)

2013 eDiscovery Events


Managing eDiscovery in New Zealand
February 13, 2013
Auckland, NZ
Click here for more information.

The Sedona Conference® – eDiscovery Cooperation Training
February 21-22, 2013
Phoenix, AZ
Click here for more information.

ACEDS 2013 Annual Conference and Exhibition
February 28 – March 2, 2013
Hollywood, FL
Click here for more information.


HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition
March 3-7, 2013
New Orleans, LA
Click here for more information.

Legal IT Business Show 2013
March 5-6, 2013
London, United Kingdom
Click here for more information.

Second Annual ASU-Arkfeld eDiscovery and Digital Evidence Conference
March 13-15, 2013
Tempe, AZ
Click here for more information.

AIIM Conference
March 20-22, 2013
New Orleans, LA
Click here for more information.

The Sedona Conference® Institute’s 7th Annual E-Discovery Program: Living On E-Discovery’s Cutting Edge
March 21-22, 2013
San Diego, CA
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April 4-6, 2013
Chicago, IL
Click here for more information.

Laguna Beach eDiscovery Retreat
April 10-12, 2013
Laguna Beach, CA
Click here for more information.

2013 ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition
April 14-17, 2013
Washington, DC
Click here for more information.

LawTech Futures
April 30, 2013
London, UK
Click here for more information.


EDRM 2013-14 Kickoff Meeting
May 7-9, 2013
St. Paul, MN
Click here for more information.

CEIC 2013
May 19 – 22, 2013
Orlando, FL
Click here for more information.

LegalTech West Coast
May 21-22, 2013
Los Angeles, CA
Click here for more information.


ILTA 2013 Annual Conference
August 18-22, 2013
Las Vegas, NV
Click here for more information.


Fifth Annual Intermountain eDiscovery Conference – 2013
September 26, 2013
Salt Lake City, UT
Click here for more information.


LawTech Europe Congress 2013
October 21 – 22, 2013
Prague, Czech Republic
Click here for more information.

ACC 2013 Annual Meeting
October 27-30, 2013
Los Angeles, CA
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