Digital Marketers Only: 8 Reasons You Need WAVI Now

Because You Need More Than Numbers

Your website is getting lots of hits, has a low bounce rate, and ranks high for all your top keywords. But this doesn’t mean it is delivering the leads you need to generate sales!

Anonymous visitor identification is what you really need. A program that will tell you who is visiting your website and provide the qualified leads you need to help your business grow. Website Anonymous Visitor Identification (WAVI) from ComplexDiscovery can help you meet this challenge immediately.

ComplexDiscovery’s Website Anonymous Visitor Identification (WAVI) service is the smarter, simpler website visitor tracking service that automates and accelerates the identification of anonymous website visitors so you can translate them into qualified sales leads.


8 Reasons You Need WAVI Now

Why should you consider WAVI immediately? The reasons are clear.

  1. WAVI tells you in real-time who is on your website and what interests them.
  2. You are spending big money to drive prospects to your website. You can use WAVI to help your sales team further engage website prospects.
  3. It will literally take your webmaster 5 minutes to install. Simply paste the invisible code to your website. The is nothing else to do.
  4. WAVI sorts consumer visitors from business visitors, so sales is not bothered by false alerts.
  5. You already have Google Analytics. WAVI is not a replacement for analytics. It is designed to give your sales team the information it needs.
  6. Know the exact moment a new prospect is on your website because timing is everything.
  7. Very inexpensive and one of the highest ROIs you will ever see in a sales tool.
  8. Once installed, it just works. All your sales team has to do is check email.

What is WAVI and How Does It Work?

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With only 1 to 2% of all visitors willing to complete a contact form or call, can you afford not to gather information on the other 98%? WAVI puts you in contact with the prospects who are actively engaged in your website and interested in your products and services. Sign up today to find out how many sales leads you have been missing!

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