eDiscovery Marketing: Maybe It’s Time For Marketing to Make a Real Revenue Commit

eDiscovery marketing

Extract from article by Jason Lemkin published by SaaStr

So a while back on SaaStr, we did a couple of posts about how B2B and SaaS marketing needed to catch up.  That you needed your VP of Marketing to make a real lead commit,to have a true quota of some form.  Not just get you blue pens with your logo on it.

Even today, most “VP” of marketing candidates in SaaS I meet didn’t even really have a true lead commit at their last gig.  Not really.  Maybe they had a soft commit, or best efforts, or something.  But not a true lead commit.

So a lead commit is good.  It’s 100x better than no commit at all.

But I think we’ve moved past this now.

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