The Evolution of Managed Document Review

managed review

Extract from article by Caragh McGovern Landry published by Bloomberg BNA

The Managed Document Review Project Manager (MDR PM) profession came into existence about 10 or 11 years ago with the advent of Managed Document Review (MDR) outsourcing companies. It is still a somewhat new role and increasingly the skills for this role are changing and growing.

Staffing for document review entails a firm or Counsel needing scalability on a project or task for a specific time. Attorneys or paralegals are needed because resources are thin and deadlines are tight. Staffing supplies these needed additional staff members for the required amount of time with the requisite skills appropriate for the project.

MDR isn’t just Staffing plus, it’s an entirely different offering. In an MDR engagement, not only do you get resources for the project, but you also get expertise in workflow design and implementation, timeline and budget ownership, quality control management and best practices execution of the review itself.