Why the ‘Google Car’ Has No Place in Legal Search

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Extract from article by Ralph Losey

We have no opinion about the driverless automobile debate, and only like the analogy up to a point. Our opinion is limited to computer assisted review CARs that search for relevant evidence in law suits. For purposes of Law, we want our CARs to be like a Tesla. You can let the car drive and go hands free, if and when you want to. The Tesla AI will then drive the car for you. But you can still drive the car yourself. The second you grab the wheel, the Tesla senses that and turns the Autopilot off. Full control is instantly passed back to you. It is your car, and you are the driver, but you can ask your car to help you drive, when, in your judgment, that is appropriate. For instance, it has excellent fully autonomous parallel parking features, and you can even summon it to come pick you up from out of a nearby parking lot, a truly cool valet service. It is also good in slow commuter traffic and highways, much like cruise control.

When it comes to law, and legal review, we want an attorney’s hands on, or at least near the wheel at all times. Our Hybrid Multimodal approach includes an autopilot mode using active machine learning, but our attorneys are always responsible. They may allow the programmed AI to take over in some situations, and go hands free, much like autonomous parallel parking or highway driving, but they always control the journey.