Options for Helping In-House Counsel Select Their Best eDiscovery Solution

eDiscovery solutions

Extract from article by Marc Zamsky

For many attorneys working in a corporate legal department, their image of the role they serve is that of a chivalrous knight, there to protect and defend the castle from nefarious predators. While that still may be true, today’s in-house attorneys may find themselves having to serve another role, more akin to that of a gatekeeper, ensuring that the appropriate preservation, collection, and flow of information is meticulously maintained in the event of litigation or audit.

Without question, corporate legal operations want and genuinely need to find ways to reduce their costs, control their relationships with outside counsel and service providers, and maximize the value received from these third parties in managing their litigation. But figuring out how to achieve these goals without sacrificing long-trusted affiliations, exposing the company to additional risk on eDiscovery issues, and coordinating compliant data management policies may be more than in-house legal teams can handle alone.

So what’s a corporate legal department to do?