In e-Discovery Software Shift, kCura Acquires Content Analyst

eDiscovery acquisition

Extract from article by Gabe Friedman published by Bloomberg BNA

In an acquisition that brings together two of the biggest companies in the e-Discovery software market, kCura announced Monday it has acquired Content Analyst Company on undisclosed terms.

Both companies are major players in the e-Discovery software market and have long been partners: Chicago-based kCura makes Relativity, a widely used tool for data collection, processing, review and production. Meanwhile, Content Analyst’s signature product, CAAT analytics, is the back-end technology embedded in Relativity, as well as other e-Discovery platforms, that provides the search engine capability.

In an interview, kCura’s president and CEO Andrew Sieja said the acquisition will allow kCura to expand Relativity’s analytics features, and also to keep the engineers at Content Analyst focused more tightly on the e-Discovery market – as the product was also being used by companies in talent management and other sectors.

“What this is really going to do is allow us to innovate faster,” said Sieja.