A Short List of eDiscovery Automation Offerings

eDiscovery Automation

Based on a compilation of research from analyst firms, industry expert reports, and media coverage in the eDiscovery arena, the following short list of eDiscovery offerings may be useful for law firms and corporations seeking to automate the execution of core eDiscovery tasks. The listed offerings appear to exhibit the attributes of fourth generation eDiscovery technology and allow users to automate and complete a significant portion of core eDiscovery tasks from within a single, self-service platform.

Explanatory Terms:

  • Core eDiscovery Tasks: A subset of eDiscovery tasks that support the planning, preserving, preparing, reviewing, and sharing of electronically stored information.  Core eDiscovery tasks for the purpose of this list include ingestion, assessment, processing, analytics, review, and production.
  • eDiscovery Automation: The use of technology to complete eDiscovery tasks or a significant portion of tasks that traditionally require a great deal of human intervention to complete.
  • Fourth Generation eDiscovery Technology:  Technology that is designed for eDiscovery, designed to integrate multiple core eDiscovery tasks, and designed to help automate the completion of integrated core eDiscovery tasks.

This listing certainly is not all inclusive of capable offerings. However, it does provide a short list of notable offerings that industry research and expert commentators highlight as relevant in the rapidly growing area of eDiscovery automation.

A Short List of eDiscovery Automation Offerings

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Source: Public Domain Research