Discovery Automation Technology: Automation and Selective Culling

Extract from article by Gabrielle Orum Hernandez

“It’s a paradigm shift of collecting everything and culling it down. The idea is to cull it down before you collect it, because you can get more analysis in place,” he said, adding that this has the potential to reduce both storage costs and data security risks.

Jenkins noted that the Heureka tool allows CloudNine users to index the entire drive of a computer or server, rather than just specifically designated folders. While many tools look to pull as much data from user devices as possible, indexing at the point of creation before culling can allow users to parse through the information they want to take before actually extracting data.

“In a lot of ways, we have a much greater chance of collecting and identifying something that might be potentially relevant,” Jenkin said.

“The combination of our endpoint approach to indexing and identifying data with CloudNine’s ability to take data, normalize it, and make it ready for evaluation provides users with a seamless solution that can be used to help organizations understand risks, identify opportunities, and reduce exposure throughout the information lifecycle,” Heureka chief strategy officer Nate Latessa said in a statement.