Don’t Be A ‘Designer’; Own The Nuts And Bolts

Editor’s Note: The excellent article by John Balestriere highlights the importance and need for eDiscovery competency and the opportunity for eDiscovery training and education programs.

Extract from article by John Balestriere

Lawyers like to think we are de Tocqueville’s priesthood of America. And we are, but we still need to know and address the nitty-gritty.

The problem is that many of those lawyers simply don’t want to get to know ediscovery. From the comments I hear, I think that many of these supposedly elite lawyers think that work is beneath them, or not really lawyer work.  That reminds me of a complaint an architect friend of mine recently made. She works on all kinds of residences and commercial properties and has even worked as the construction manager on her buildings, seeing them turn from a hole in the ground to an 18-story building. She shared with me that there are many architects who prefer to be “designers”: they want to grab the napkin and whip out a cool design for something in minutes, showing their visionary ways. But they don’t want to get down into the dirty details, figuring out where the electrical cables will go into the building from the street, where the toilets will flush out into the locality’s sewers, or where the power outlets will be in the bathrooms.