Relevant Replay: Zach Abramowitz Speaks with Brad Jenkins of CloudNine

Editor’s Note: Originally published in August of 2016 by Above The Law, the interview, Simplicity And eDiscovery? A Conversation With CloudNine’s Brad Jenkins, highlighted topics ranging eDiscovery funding to private and public cloud security.  Provided below is an extract from the interview that shares thoughts on approaches to cloud security.

Extract from conversation led by Zach Abramowitz on Above The Law

Zach Abramowitz: Many of the eDiscovery companies are building their product on Amazon’s cloud rather than their own and, as you said, leaving services to third parties.

Why are they doing that and why have you chosen to buck that trend?

Brad Jenkins: I am not so sure we would consider our approach as bucking the trend as much as I would highlight it as us listening to what customers were genuinely seeking regarding the cloud and security and shaping our offering to meet those requests. 

You are right, most SaaS eDiscovery vendors in our space use third-party servers and storage (e.g. Azure, Amazon, or Google). However, we have chosen to purchase our equipment and keep client data in our protected cloud ecosystem in a Tier IV data center. This approach gives customers the benefit of the cloud with the added security and confidence of being able to know exactly where their data is at all times, down to the exact physical location. This unique approach that balances cloud benefits such as flexibility and scalability with data security and customer control is highly attractive given the importance of data security for our customers.
Our approach is also highly attractive to our customers as it can be delivered as cost effectively as public cloud deployments. The approach also reinforces our services differentiation as we handle the requirement and deliver it with our professional services expertise. This helps customers increase their capability without having to procure, deploy, or manage additional hardware, software, or personnel.

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