The Business Reasons to Take a Vacation – Journal of Accountancy

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Editor’s Note: Published in the Journal of Accountancy, the article The Business Reasons To Take A Vacation highlights obvious and not so obvious business reasons why organizations should carefully consider requiring managers and staff to take time off from work.

Extract from article by Neil Amato

Technology may have changed the way workers vacation, for better or worse. “In this day and age, with technology, you think you have to be plugged in at all times,” said Byron Hebert, CPA, director of entrepreneurial advisory services at PKF Texas, a CPA firm in Houston. “You’re never really off.”

What hasn’t changed is that there is a business need to take a vacation, even if it’s a few three-day weekends at a time.

There are reasons aplenty: to avoid burnout, to come back to work refreshed, or to spend time with loved ones who might have been neglected during busy season or a time-consuming project.

What some organizations are starting to understand is this: Taking time off is better for business in the long run. Here are six business reasons employees—from the C-suite to the assembly line, from managing partner to entry-level accountant—should take regular vacations.

  • They set expectations for how Vacationers should be treated
  • Better culture makes you a more desired employer
  • Model the behavior, and workers will follow
  • Vacation helps workers avoid productivity declines
  • Requiring vacation reduces instances of fraud
  • Requiring vacation can reduce balance sheet liability