Judge Rakoff Shoots Down eDiscovery Trade Secrets Case

Extract from article by Gabe Friedman

Earlier this week, a federal judge in Manhattan rejected DTI’s arguments that the sales team had misappropriated key trade secrets, such as its e-discovery clients’ purchasing needs, and denied its motion for a preliminary injunction.

“Business apparently is booming – and so too are providers’ efforts to protect what they believe is their proprietary information regarding customer contracts, strategies, and the like,” U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff wrote in a 30-page opinion that found DTI was unlikely to succeed on any of its claims.

Rakoff added later in the opinion, “The Court, however, is unpersuaded that LDiscovery has done anything improper by entering into these agreements with the Individual Defendants, let alone that the Individual Defendants have breached the applicable terms of their agreements with DTI.”

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