Reducing and Controlling E-Discovery Cost in an Age of Unchecked Data Growth

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Extract from article by Peter Mercer

The price of deploying the biggest and most expensive e-discovery software now runs up against clients seeking the best outcomes while minimizing costs. In this decade alone, technology experts forecast a 50-fold increase in the size of the digital information universe between 2010 and 2020. The temptation to throw money at an ESI tsunami may be a tempting course. Clients’ increasing attention to budgets makes it untenable to throw technology at the problem without regard to cost, however.

Already, broad industry forecasts project that e-discovery spending, estimated at $8.25 billion in 2016, will rise about 13.5 percent annually through 2020, to about $13.6 billon. Software spending alone totaled $2.2 billion last year and is forecast to grow about 14.5 percent annually, reaching about $3.9 billion by 2020.

Firms can take several measures to immediately reduce, and then take long-term control of e-discovery costs.

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