Legal Tech Startups Kick Off 2018 With A Fundraising Tear

Extract from article by Holden Page

The law moves slowly, but legal tech startups aren’t.

In January of last year, legal tech startups raised a meager $1.25 million according to Crunchbase. But this year, the same group of companies have raised a touch over $49 million in just over a month’s time.

So what’s pushing such a strong start to 2018 in legal tech? It turns out making eDiscovery easier is a good way to attract funding in the sector. And two startups in the niche, CS Disco and Logikcull, are leading the way.

As noted in previous reporting, many legal tech startups are still in the seed and early-stage, providing a healthy pipeline for later-stage deals. Whether CS Disco and Logikcull represent a harbinger of more deals to come for legal tech’s early-stage cohort remains to be seen.

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