[Opinion] Ensuring that Email Data is Compliant with GDPR Regulations

Extract from article by Nathaniel Borenstein

The countdown is on. With less than four months until the General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect, time is ticking for businesses to get their email security and archive solutions ready.

By May 2018, any organization handling E.U. resident information will be responsible for maintaining compliance within GDPR – and email is often an overlooked component. More than 90 percent of cyberattacks start with email – whether it’s from customers, partners or colleagues, organizations collect hundreds, if not thousands, of emails that contain personal information every day.

Considering the current cybersecurity landscape, none of that data is safe – even your deleted files. And all of it is vulnerable to attack, which ups the risk for getting hit with noncompliance penalties.

So, how can your business ward off hefty fines and ensure compliance? For starters, make archiving an essential part of your compliance plans.

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