Information Governance and eDiscovery Packaged Services: Six Example Offerings

Extract from article by Rob Robinson

Six Example Packaged Service Offerings for IG and eDiscovery

Creating packaged services consists of packaging support previously delivered under pure consulting models into packages that are pre-defined in terms of tasks, time frames, and pricing.  Packaged services may help legal technology service providers bridge the gap between traditional hourly consulting offerings and fully managed services. They may also provide a strong opportunity to create additional sales entry points and potential new revenue streams by making access to current consulting offerings easier to understand, easier to evaluate, and easier to purchase.

Provided below are six descriptions of offerings that could be productized and presented as packaged services to meet customer needs in the areas of information governance and electronic discovery.

Information Governance (IG) Packaged Services

  • IG Health Check Service: Assessments of IG processes and practices to help organizations understand and comply with legal, regulatory and standards requirements.
  • IG Retention Requirements Research Service: Identification of the regulations that impact an organization’s records retention and disposition requirements to determine the validity of the organization’s Records Retention Schedule.
  • IG File Analysis / Defensible Disposition Service: Technology-enabled process providing insight and control over unstructured data, identifying content that has no further value, or poses risk to the organization, lowering costs for storage, backup and eDiscovery.

Electronic Discovery (ED) Packaged Services

  • ED Health Check Service: Assessments of ED processes and practices to help organizations understand and optimize the execution and management of discovery.  
  • ED Request for Information/Proposal Management Service: Development and management of organizational RFI and RFP processes to ensure a standardized, complete, and cost-effective sourcing of technology and services.
  • ED Vendor Management and Oversight Service: Management and oversight of vendor-sourced technology and services to help organizations optimize discovery investments (time and money).

While not all-inclusive of potentially available packaged service opportunities, these descriptions and examples are designed to share how legal technology providers may be able to enhance their revenue tomorrow by productizing capability they already possess today and packaging that capability to meet the technology, expertise, and business needs of corporations and legal departments.

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