Five Great Reads on Data Discovery and Legal Discovery for April 2018

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Five Great Reads on Data Discovery and Legal Discovery is a subscription newsletter regularly highlighting at least five articles to inform and update legal and information technology professionals on the art and science of data discovery1 and legal discovery.2

Individuals and Organizations Highlighted in the April Edition include:

  • Devin Coldeway
  • Lindsey O’Donnell
  • Zach Warren
  • James Ward
  • Hayley Discon
  • Aisha Majid
  • Steven Swinford
  • Judge Paul Grimm
  • Kevin Brady
  • Baretz+Brunelle
  • Andrew Haslam
  • Hamilton Nolan
  • Rob Robinson

Data Discovery is the exploration of patterns and trends within unstructured data with the objective of uncovering insight and driving action.
Electronic Discovery (Legal Discovery) is the process of identifying, preserving, collecting, processing, searching, reviewing and producing electronically stored information that may be relevant to a civil, criminal, or regulatory matter.

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