Maura Grossman: She’s the Star of TAR

“After 2011, vendors started slapping TAR labels on everything,” Grossman recalls. “Some of it resembled what we tested and some of it didn’t. Either way, our article was often invoked.”

Logikcull Raises $10M

Logikcull raises $10M to let lawyers analyze documents at the speed of a thousand interns.

Reconsidering Dr. Cormack’s “Considered Response”

The following letter is from Bill Speros, Attorney Consulting in Evidence Management with Speros & Associates. He is responding to commentary from Information Retrieval expert Gordon Cormack, published following the ACEDS’ webinar How Automation is Revolutionizing E-Discovery.

ACEDS Commentary: Bill Dimm

The following letter is from Dr. Bill Dimm, the founder and CEO of Hot Neuron LLC. He has developed the algorithms for conceptual clustering, near-dupe detection, and predictive coding used in his company’s Clustify software.