Epiq Debuts Cloud-Based eDiscovery

Epiq announces the release of its new cloud-based eDiscovery platform, Epiq Discovery. Epiq Discovery is a collection, processing, review, and production platform that delivers early case assessment, highly scalable processing, and the most efficient review and production of eDiscovery data.

Security vs. Speed: The Risk of Rushing to the Cloud

“What’s happening in the move to the cloud has happened in the tech industry from the beginning,” says Michael Landewe, Avanan co-founder and VP of business development. “People move to new tech based on new features and capabilities. Security always follows.”

Learning To Trust Cloud Security

Cloud-centric computing is inevitable because the network, not your network, is just a conduit to allow access from trusted requestors to trusted resources.

Cloud Migration Dollars and Sense

The only times enterprises run into issues with cloud costs, deployment or other issues is when they try and completely “DIY.” Cloud may have radically democratized solution availability, but there are still complexities in the selection, installation and management process that should not be overlooked.

Can Lawyers Use The Cloud? Should Lawyers Use The Cloud?

As we all know, the way lawyers store our confidential files is highly regulated. Cloud storage means that your files are stored on someone else’s server in some other location and you remotely access those files. So, can you or should you do that? Is it ethical to store your highly confidential files in someone else’s office? The answer is mostly yes.

The 2015 ABA TechReport: Cloud Computing

The 2015 Survey indicates that, for a significant number of lawyers and firms, cloud services are part of the IT equation, but we are seeing a pause or a plateau. The continuing lack of actual attention to confidentiality, security, and due diligence issues is a significant concern, especially with the growth in mobile apps running on cloud services.