Automating eDiscovery: A Strategic Framework

The Concise Framework for Discovery Automation takes the overall process of discovery, breaks it down into a data discovery component and a legal discovery component, aligns these components with insight and intelligence, and then highlights four key processes and eight key tasks that appear to be important in the discovery process across the lifecycle of information and litigation.

File Analysis Software: 2018 Market Guide Update From Gartner

The fourth Gartner Market Guide for File Analysis Software (G00317005) highlights software that scans, maps and manages unstructured data stores,  enabling data and analytics leaders to make better data management decisions for unstructured data, which in turn reduces risk and lowers costs associated with data.


A Concise Framework for Discovery Automation

One of the biggest challenges facing information, business, and legal professionals is the ability to cohesively consider the elements of data discovery and legal discovery within a technology framework that is comprehensive enough to address critical discovery tasks throughout information and legal lifecycles yet concise enough to be realistically approached from an automation perspective.

The Growth of File Analysis: 2016 Market Guide Update From Gartner

Published on September 19, 2016, the third annual Gartner Market Guide for File Analysis Software (G00290878) enables data architects, legal and security professionals, storage managers, and business analysts to understand and manage unstructured data stores, reduce risk and costs, and make better information management decisions for unstructured data.


Market Guide for E-Discovery Solutions: A New Gartner Report

Published on June 30, 2016, by the research and analyst firm Gartner, the new Market Guide for E-Discovery Solutions report provides information technology leaders and legal counsel considerations for the evaluation and selection of eDiscovery solutions.


A Short List of eDiscovery Automation Offerings

Based on a compilation of research from analyst firms, industry expert reports, and media coverage in the eDiscovery arena, the following short list of eDiscovery offerings may be useful for law firms and corporations seeking to automate the execution of core eDiscovery tasks.

Stratifying eDiscovery: Baseline Considerations for Market Segmentation

Designed with the goal of helping eDiscovery software and service vendors as they seek to align their offerings and messaging with market needs and opportunities, the following baseline considerations for market segmentation may be useful for eDiscovery-related market planning.