Enabling Remote eDiscovery? A Snapshot of DaaS

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) providers are becoming important contributors to eDiscovery technology solutions as they allow for the deployment of virtualized desktop experiences delivered to end users on demand from remotely hosted locations. While the providers enabling the delivery of these virtualized environments to those in the eDiscovery ecosystem are typically not called out in the descriptions of the solutions they enable, understanding who those providers are is becoming increasingly important for those sourcing eDiscovery solutions for remote users as the underlying attributes and enhancements the providers deliver form the basis for comparing and contrasting the differences in DaaS-delivered capabilities from eDiscovery providers.


Understanding Electronically Stored Information

A working knowledge of electronically stored information (ESI) is foundational for effective, efficient, and comprehensive planning and execution of all electronic discovery tasks. This short, non-all inclusive overview highlights key definitions, descriptions, and attributes related to ESI and may be beneficial for legal and information technology professionals as they consider ESI in the conduct of data and legal discovery.

Blue-Sueded? Considerations for Decision Making

While an understanding of decisions from definitions and elements to cornerstones and classifications is important, ultimately, for any decision to be optimally implemented, it is important to give those who have decision making accountability and responsibility the authority and control to make decisions.


Avoiding Glittering Generalities in Selecting eDiscovery Software

In navigating the glittering generalities presented by individuals and organizations seeking to influence eDiscovery software selection decisions, remember that there may be many right choices for your specific needs. Considering those choices through the lens of security, capability, complexity, and cost may help ensure that you not only make the right choice but make the best choice for your needs.

Packaged Services: An Underutilized Approach To Growing Revenue

Packaged services may help legal technology providers bridge the gap between traditional hourly consulting offerings and fully managed services. They may also provide a strong opportunity to create additional sales entry points and potential new revenue streams by making access to current consulting offerings easier to understand, easier to evaluate, and easier to purchase.

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