COVIDancellations? A Running Listing of eDiscovery Event Updates

Based on research and tracking by ComplexDiscovery, this non-comprehensive planning list highlighting eDiscovery-related events, conferences, and meetings, along with their current known scheduling status, may be beneficial for individuals and organizations evaluating sponsorship, support, and attendance plans in light of the recent developments and restrictions due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

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Given the recent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) challenges and restrictions, the following working list of eDiscovery-related events and conferences along with known scheduling status for listed events might be of benefit for data discovery and legal discovery professionals and organizations planning on sponsoring, supporting, or attending listed events. This listing is not all-inclusive and given the rapidly changing status of events, may not contain the latest status information. However, it may provide a solid starting point for event status investigation in these challenging times.

If your organization has eDiscovery-related events that you would like added, amended, or corrected,  please click here to provide the appropriate updates.

  • Event Name
  • Date (Month/Dates)
  • Location (City and State)
  • Website (URL For More Information)
  • Event Scheduling Changes (If Applicable)

Last Updated: March 2020

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