It’s a Match! Focusing on the Total Cost of eDiscovery Review with ReviewRight Match

As a leader in remote legal document review, HaystackID provides clients with instant access to more than 20,000 certified review attorneys who are available for selection and integration into its remote managed review teams through its ReviewRight Match and Virtual offerings. The potential pool of virtual reviewers, the streamlined manner in which reviewers are onboarded for remote review, and the established base of current reviewers with ReviewRight Virtual (secure remote review) experience, allows HaystackID to help those in the eDiscovery ecosystem maintain review continuity without sacrificing quality or increasing review costs during these COVID-constrained times.

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Content Assessment: It's a Match! Focusing on the Total Cost of eDiscovery Review with ReviewRight Match

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A short percentage-based assessment of the qualitative benefit of the newly published service overview of ReviewRight Match from HaystackID.

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ReviewRight® Match
Provider: HaystackID (Global eDiscovery Provider)

Offering Information Shared with the Permission of HaystackID

Since March of 2020, the task of legal document review has been magnified in eDiscovery circles by the geographical restrictions and social distancing requirements driven by the unfortunate outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). This magnification of the task of review has led to a proliferation of announcements regarding the availability of review offerings, the establishment of new programs, and the introduction of services to support the expanded review intricacies of today’s new remote workplace. These announcements, while regularly validating the need within the market for holistic review staffing and sourcing approaches, many times focus extensively on the cost of specific elements of review without taking into consideration the impact of quality or experience on the total cost of review. One area where quality and experience truly impacts the total cost of review is in the area of document review staffing.

HaystackID understands the importance of quality and experience in supporting law firms and legal departments with the best-qualified reviewers for specific review needs. The following overview of our ReviewRight Match Selection Program highlights our experience and commitment to quality in this area as it represents the most comprehensive and enduring review selection program in the eDiscovery ecosystem.

ReviewRight Match: The Standard for Appropriately Matching Requirements and Reviewers

ReviewRight Match from HaystackID sets the standard for document review staffing, enablement, and support through the application of a combination of proprietary technologies, innovative evaluation tools, and proven protocols that allow for the rapid and comprehensive sourcing, testing, and qualification of reviewers. This ReviewRight process enables us to present to clients individuals who are not only legal review experts, but review experts with the appropriate domain expertise, proper language skills, and necessary responsibility experience to accomplish the specific review tasks required in your review requirement.

The ReviewRight Match Selection Program

The core of the ReviewRight Match process is the active and systematic recruitment and continuous evaluation of qualified document review attorneys as part of a comprehensive reviewer selection program. The reviewer selection program consists of four key elements, that when successfully navigated, allow review candidates to be considered for ReviewRight projects.

Core Selection Program Elements

The Enrollment Process: The enrollment process consists of the registration of potential reviewers with ReviewRight via the portal. The registration steps introduce reviewers to the ReviewRight selection process and harvest reviewer information ranging from licensure and education to review history and referral sources. Additionally, the enrollment process presents reviewers with the opportunity to take the ReviewRight document review test.

The Qualification Process: Once enrolled, reviewers who seek to continue in the selection process for ReviewRight opportunities are administered a 15 question skills test that presents a basic review protocol, a short legal document for review, and asks reviewers specific questions that provide immediate and quantifiable insight into a reviewer’s legal review capability. The results from this skills testing, along with the information gathered during the registration process, allows ReviewRight to begin to assess reviewers as candidates for ReviewRight projects holistically.

The Assessment Process: Individuals who have completed ReviewRight enrollment and qualification processes are then evaluated by the ReviewRight reviewer selection committee to determine whether they meet the standards required for ReviewRight projects. This evaluation consists of the subjective consideration of a reviewer’s background and experience and the objective consideration of the reviewer’s skills testing as quantified by metrics to include precision, recall, and average documents reviewed per hour. These subjective and objective considerations are then applied to ReviewRight’s proprietary five-point rating scale to allow for the assignment of a numerical rating to each reviewer. This rating serves as the basis for certifying all enrolled, qualified, and assessed reviewers and ultimately determines whether a reviewer receives the designation of being ReviewRight Certified.

The Certification Process: Once reviewers have been enrolled, qualified, and assessed, they are assigned a ReviewRight rating that is used to separate individuals who are certified for assignment on projects and those who are not certified at their current rating level for assignment on projects.

Once review candidates successfully navigate this selection program and are certified as ReviewRight reviewers, they are further classified based on practice area expertise, language knowledge, role experience, and task skills. This allows for the assembling of targeted review teams with the highest level of expertise, knowledge, proficiency, and skills for each review project.

Key Benefits of ReviewRight Match Include:

Confidence in the Capability of Reviewers: The comprehensive ReviewRight selection process ensures that the individuals recommended for your review project are the very best available reviewers for your specific needs, not just the best reviewers available. This process provides you with the confidence you need to focus on reviews and not the review selection process.

Speed in the Assembly of Review Teams: The robust catalog of ReviewRight certified reviewers developed from a comprehensive selection process augmented with a detailed classification of expertise, knowledge, experience, and task skills, allows you to quickly and efficiently source appropriate reviewers for your specific needs. This speed saves you time and money while accelerating your ability to translate information into insight and insight into intelligence that can be applied to your audit, investigation, or litigation effort.

High-Performance Review Capability: The detailed assessment of review backgrounds and experience coupled with objective testing and evaluation metrics ensure that your review team not only performs but performs at the very highest level possible. As past performance generally is the single best predictor of future performance, ReviewRight’s continuous assessment and evaluation processes ensure you always have the highest performing reviewers at the time of your review project available for your use. This increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your review efforts and allows you to rapidly, accurately, and cost-effectively achieve your review objectives.

Seamless Integration with All ReviewRight Services: Access to a full suite of review services beyond ReviewRight Match, including ReviewRight Translate, ReviewRight Manage, ReviewRight Host, ReviewRight Host, and ReviewRight Virtual. This integration provides you with a full review capability beyond sourcing of reviewers to support the entire breadth and depth of your review effort regardless of location, data reduction requirements, and case-specific expertise requirements.

A Synergistic Effect: ReviewRight Match with ReviewRight Virtual (1,2)

This combined capability of ReviewRight Match with ReviewRight Virtual (Secure Remote Review) has also been shown to increase the quality and speed of reviews as the pool of available reviewers with needed qualifications is not constrained by geographical proximity to review centers, and the speed of engagement is not restrained by fixed facility operations. HaystackID has performed more than 900 remote review projects to date with the projects spanning the spectrum of vertical industry markets and supporting many of the world’s top companies and leading law firms in matters requiring up to hundreds of reviewers.

As the leader in remote legal document review, HaystackID provides our clients with instant access to more than 20,000 certified review attorneys who are available for selection and integration into our remote managed review teams through our ReviewRight Virtual offering. Our potential pool of virtual reviewers, the streamlined manner in which we can onboard reviewers for remote review, and our established base of current reviewers with ReviewRight Virtual experience, allows us to help those in the eDiscovery ecosystem maintain review continuity without sacrificing quality or increasing review costs.

Learn More. Today.

Contact HaystackID today to learn more about our ReviewRight services and how they can help you initiate, execute, and manage secure remote reviews and maintain business continuity.

About HaystackID

HaystackID is a specialized eDiscovery services firm that helps corporations and law firms find, understand, and learn from data when they face complex, data-intensive investigations and litigation. With an earned reputation for mobilizing industry-leading computer forensics, eDiscovery, and attorney document review experts, our Forensics First, Early Case Insight, and ReviewRight services augmented by our Cybersecurity Consulting and Enterprise Managed Solutions, accelerate and deliver quality outcomes at a fair and predictable price.

HaystackID serves more than 500 of the world’s leading corporations and law firms from North American and European locations. Our combination of expertise and technical excellence, coupled with a culture of white glove customer service, makes us the alternative legal services provider that is big enough to matter but small enough to care. Learn more at

(1) Schechtman, Seth. “The Right Way To Review Remotely.” HaystackID, 2019, review-remotely/.

(2) HaystackID. HaystackID Recruiting Metrics – Regular Reporting. HaystackID, 2020, p. Recruiting Performance Metrics Table. Accessed 30 Sep 2020.

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