Lighthouse Expands, Acquires Forexus

Lighthouse today [March 29, 2018] announced that it has acquired Forexus, a rapidly growing provider of consulting services and chat processing software located in Zürich, Switzerland.

Press Announcement

Lighthouse, a leader in technology-enabled ediscovery and advisory services, today [March 29, 2018] announced that it has acquired Forexus, a rapidly growing provider of consulting services and chat processing software located in Zürich, Switzerland. The investment in Forexus underscores the company’s commitment to bring innovation and expanded services to its information governance, compliance and ediscovery clients in North America and Europe, particularly those dealing with regulatory oversight.

“We are thrilled to add the Forexus consulting and development teams, as well as the market-leading software for chat processing, as core elements of Lighthouse. This is an important expansion of our products and services for financial services institutions, further differentiating us in our markets,” said Brian McManus, chief executive officer of Lighthouse.

This transaction will bolster Lighthouse’s Advisory Services offerings with the addition of a growing consulting business focused on helping financial institutions build information governance, compliance and ediscovery programs, and managing technology in support of those programs. With Forexus, Lighthouse is also acquiring the leading chat ediscovery software on the market, with unique functionality to accurately and efficiently ascertain and present the history of communications in chat platforms. This software is currently being used at scale by many of the world’s leading financial institutions and has broad application to messaging and collaboration platforms used for corporate communications across many other industries..

“We are excited to join Lighthouse, as it represents an opportunity for Forexus to be part of an international team, allowing us to better service our current and prospective clients across regions,” said Dimitar Bobev, co-founder of Forexus. “Under Lighthouse, our team looks forward to continuing our mission of driving innovation worldwide with a broadened solution set supporting additional platforms and vertical markets, which will further differentiate us throughout EMEA and worldwide.”

Founded in 2013 by Dimitar Bobev and Martin Kos, Forexus helps companies solve the technical challenges in finding digital evidence by focusing on the technology and processes to achieve the most defensible, fastest and most cost-effective solution possible.

Forexus is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Lighthouse and will continue to operate out of Zürich, Switzerland. For more information regarding this announcement, please contact

About Lighthouse

Lighthouse simplifies the complexities of ediscovery and information governance by the use of our intuitive technology solutions and comprehensive service offerings. Through our best in class expertise, Lighthouse stands apart as a leader in industry best practices and workflows. Our proactive, high-touch approach has enabled us to build enduring partnerships with the most respected corporations and law firms around the globe. For more information, visit

About Forexus

Forexus is based in Zürich, Switzerland and offers eDiscovery, IT Forensic and Data Analytics services with the main focus on financial institutions and law companies. For more information about Chat eDiscovery visit or the company website

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