Can Legal Ops Overcome the Persistence of the Billable Hour?

The imminent death of the billable hour has been widely reported for many years. According to the recently released Blickstein Group survey, law department operations experts beg to differ: only 23.9 percent of the respondents believe that the billable hour will be dead in the next five years.


Text Analytics: Greater Usability, Less Time to Insight

Text analytics has had several distinct generations in the course of its evolution. From keyword-based analysis to clustering of concepts and sentiment analysis, text analytics has grown increasingly sophisticated.


Despite Best Intentions, Most Organizations Misinterpret, Misuse Data

A new study from Dimensional Research reveals this disconnect, and concludes that “data professionals have little confidence in the way business stakeholders within their organizations use corporate data when making important business decisions.”


IP Rights in Big Data

While there are legitimate concerns about finding IP in data, because data may be an inert lump of code, bits, or pieces of information, it is worthwhile to think about the different kinds of IP that arise in conjunction with and in the context of Big Data.

What To Do When Your Big Data Isn’t Big Enough

Storage of Big Data–and particularly unstructured data such as video, PPT presentations, and Word documents that do not fit into a database–has been the subject of considerable discussion. While proper, secure storage was a natural evolution in the Big Data debate lifecycle, it is now merely a precondition to much higher orders of analysis and business intelligence. In this respect, the Big Data remains too small in many minds.


Got Equivio? A Quick Reference to Highlighted Relationships

Founded in 2004, Equivio has become one of the world’s leading provider of text analysis software for information governance and eDiscovery. Currently they have generated increased interest based on the reported potential acquisition of the company by Microsoft. Provided in this post is a quick reference listing of select technology, governmental and commercial entities that are currently represented as part of Equivio’s installed base or have been mentioned between 2005 and today on the Equivio website in the form of a press release.


Convincing Employees to Use New Technology

“We’ve spent an awful lot of money on technology, but I still see people working in the old way,” complained the CFO of a large hospitality company. The result is often widely deployed internal applications that no one actually uses effectively. Why does this happen?