Why is Big Data so Dangerous?

Big Data is one of the most potentially dangerous and destructive new technologies to come about in the last century. While a new fighter jet or a new type of bomb can certainly wreck havoc, big data has the potential to insidiously undermine and subtly (and not-so-subtly) change almost every aspect of modern life.

Big Data Analytics Success

Automation of data management can be transformational in the enterprise. Eliminating low-level manual processes frees up people resources, amplifying human potential to deliver more value and creativity further up the value chain.

How Big Data and AI are transforming law and legal profession

How Big Data Is Disrupting Law Firms And The Legal Profession

Digitization and Big Data can undoubtedly bring big benefits to the legal profession. Some are obvious, such as freeing up space formerly needed to keep mountains of case files in filing cabinets, to the less obvious such as finding unexpected judgments or decisions which could swing a case in favor of a data- savvy lawyer.


Has Big Data Gone Mainstream?

Big data is no longer the hot buzzword it was a few years ago that people strained their brains to understand. It’s now entered the mainstream and can be viewed as an extension of traditional data crunching.


Nothing is Standard About Standards

Data integration involves a lot of details (systems, transmission, structure, security, etc.) to address, but when it comes to pleasing the consumer the biggest and the most important task is normalizing the data.