Website Anonymous Visitor Identification (WAVI) from ComplexDiscovery

WAVI Overview

The Challenge

SEO can drive traffic to your website and website analytics can tell you that there are visitors on your website. However, traffic and analytics data needs to become actionable before your sales team can use it to investigate, qualify, and contact potential sales leads. Now, with ComplexDiscovery’s WAVI Service, you can begin to understand who your website visitors are and what they are interested in.

The WAVI Approach

Without any registration forms and enabled by a single snippet of code placed on your website, WAVI identifies who is on your website and what information they are interested in. This information is aggregated and sent to you in a real-time sales alert that may include your prospect’s phone number and up to 12 linked sources of pre-sales research for easy prospect evaluation. This approach is accomplished in five simple steps:

  1. A prospect visits your website.
  2. Invisible WAVI code sends information as it happens on your site to the WAVI servers.
  3. WAVI servers work behind the scenes to determine who company visitors are, where company visitors are from, and what information they are interested in while they are on your site.
  4. Aggregated visitor identification information is packaged into an email alert.
  5. Email alert is sent to your sales team for immediate investigation and qualification as a potential sales lead.

The Alerts

A ComplexDiscovery WAVI alert consists of:

  • A prospect summary that shares ‘who’ is visiting your website.
  • A content summary that highlights ‘what’ pages the prospect viewed on your website.
  • A resource listing that presents 12+ quick research links for further prospect investigation (‘why’).

The alert is shared in real-time and sent immediately to designated contacts via email.

The Resources

Resources that are included as links in every WAVI alert include:

  • LinkedIn
  • Google
  • Google News
  • Google Blog Research
  • Google Local
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Manta
  • WhosTalking
  • Hoovers
  • Slideshare
  • CorporationWiki

Getting Started

A free two-week trial and an incredibly affordable monthly subscription rate. Available as part of a monthly subscription service, you can try ComplexDiscovery’s WAVI service free for two weeks. The trial requires no credit card entry or commitment and you can complete the short form below to get started immediately. The trial begins at the time you insert the simple tracking code on your website.

If you decide to convert the trial into a paid account, you can get the entire service as well as dedicated ComplexDiscovery support for only $75.00 per month.

Try it, compare it with similar offerings, and then subscribe to it to begin translating anonymous web visitors into potential sales leads.

Please complete the form below and you will be registered for your free trial of WAVI.

How Can I Purchase a Subscription?

Interested in purchasing a subscription to WAVI? You can purchase subscriptions for time frames of one month, six months, or for twelve months directly from our online store.

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