eDiscovery Trends Interview: Tom O’Connor of Advanced Discovery


Extract from interview by Doug Austin of eDiscovery Expert Tom O’Connor

When I got here to the show, I bounced around a bit and talked to several people here and I think there’s a lot of uncertainty in people’s minds.  I hate to say that we’re at a crossroads, but a couple of different things are going on in technology right now and I think people are worried that they made the right decision.  I’m talking about both vendors making the right technology decision on where to take their company and clients making the right choice.

I was at a presentation given by the CEO of a major company in our space recently and he was asked “what keeps you up at night?”  He responded that what he was most worried about was whether his company was flexible enough to make quick changes and adaptations in the market, because if you can’t do that, you can lose business really quickly.  You can sink in 18 months no matter what your market share is.  So, as a vendor, you have to be thinking “can I see something and react and respond?”  I think that goes across the board in every segment of the EDRM.  Technology changes so fast and we’re a profession that works by looking in the rearview mirror.  We work with precedent; we don’t want to be that first person out there trying something new.  So, there’s a lot of uncertainty.