The Workstream of eDiscovery: Considering Processes and Tasks

Based on an aggregation of research from leading eDiscovery educators, developers, and providers, the following eDiscovery Processes and Tasks listing may be helpful in detailed thinking and planning related to the discipline of eDiscovery. The processes and tasks highlighted in this listing are not all inclusive and represent only one view of eDiscovery.

Latest Posts

Thomson Reuters Acquires HighQ

“Legal professionals are being disrupted by technology change and are seeking software solutions to help them improve costs and increase productivity,” said Brian Peccarelli, COO, Customer Markets at Thomson Reuters and head of its Legal Professionals segment. “The acquisition of HighQ will help us meet customer needs for efficient, compliant workflow collaboration solutions, and supports our ongoing approach to providing open technologies and driving customer innovation.”

New Policy from DOJ to Incentivize Corporate Compliance

“The Antitrust Division is committed to rewarding corporate efforts to invest in and instill a culture of compliance,” said Assistant Attorney General Delrahim. “The Division’s Leniency Policy has long provided the ultimate credit for effective antitrust compliance programs. Beyond leniency, recently we have credited prospective compliance efforts at sentencing. Crediting compliance at charging is the next step in our continued efforts to deter antitrust violations and reward good corporate citizenship.”

Current News? The New Gartner eDiscovery Market Guide

Published on June 27, 2019, by the research and analyst firm Gartner, the new Market Guide for E-Discovery Solutions report (G00388272) shares information and insight on the eDiscovery market and a limited number of representative software and service providers. This information and insight may be useful for infrastructure and operations professionals as they consider eDiscovery solutions for their specific data discovery and legal discovery needs.

OpenText in the Legal Technology House: Two eDiscovery-Related Updates

OpenText’s eDiscovery focus is highlighted in the recent establishment of a dedicated legal technology division and the announcement of technology updates that include the embedding of AI into OpenText eDiscovery solutions with predictive filtering capabilities that learn from human feedback.

Fulfilling eDiscovery Backup Requests from Backup Storage?

Among the largest data targets for eDiscovery searches in most enterprises are backup data sets, which typically contain copies and versions of all key corporate data. Performing eDiscovery data searches on these enterprise backup data sets can be complex, time-consuming, and very costly. Enterprise data custodians struggle with balancing the demands of legal eDiscovery requests against the challenges and costs of performing the searches. With its novel techniques for facilitating eDiscovery in backup, Cobalt Iron may make backup data searches less onerous.

Capital Southwest Leads a Recapitalization of Driven

“We are excited about our new partnership with Driven and its management team,” said Matt Darrah, Principal of Capital Southwest. “We are impressed by Driven’s management team and its ability to drive cost out of litigation and to serve its law firm and corporate clients effectively. Driven has developed the tools and products needed to support the growing volume and complexity associated with the eDiscovery market.”

All Systems Go? An Early Look at Three eDiscovery Business Metric Trajectories

This in-progress overview of three important business metric trajectories is provided as a precursor to the final results of the fifteenth quarterly eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey currently being conducted by ComplexDiscovery. These preliminary results highlight the responses of legal, business, and technology professionals across the eDiscovery ecosystem to three specific business questions regarding days sales outstanding (DSO), monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and customer revenue distribution metrics.

XDD Acquires QDiscovery

Bob Polus, XDD President and CEO states, “As we continue to explore, expand and scale business operations within key markets nationwide, merging forces with QDiscovery further strengthens our presence in the Midwest and on the east coast.  Congruent with XDD’s culture, the QDiscovery team thrives on providing exemplary client service, making it a natural fit for our company as we continue to scale our eDiscovery, forensics and managed review services.  We look forward to enhancing our company together.”

Is Perception Reality? Nineteen Observations on ACEDS in the Summer of 2019

As part of its focus on offerings and opportunities that impact certifications, careers, contacts, and competence, ACEDS recently conducted a comprehensive online survey of individuals currently working in the field of the eDiscovery. The goal of the survey, the ACEDS Community Survey, was to gain an actionable understanding of industry perception regarding four key areas. Those areas being respondent awareness and possession of industry certifications, respondent valuation of ACEDS offerings to include the CEDS certification, respondent view of the evolution of eDiscovery, and respondent competence in technology. While the individual respondent answers to the survey are confidential, key results from each of the six topic areas are provided for your consideration.

Feeling the Heat? The Summer 2019 eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey

This is the fifteenth quarterly eDiscovery business confidence survey conducted by ComplexDiscovery. Since January 2016, more than 1,448 individual responses to the survey have been received from legal, business, and technology professionals across the eDiscovery ecosystem. As your opinion is important in helping form a complete picture of the business confidence of those operating in the eDiscovery ecosystem, please do take the time to complete this short, anonymized survey as the results help all eDiscovery professionals better understand the industry’s current state of data and legal discovery business confidence.