Simplifying Communication of Location: What3Words

Extract from What3Words

Using words means non-technical people can find any location accurately and communicate it more quickly, more easily and with less ambiguity than any other system like street addresses, postcodes, latitude & longitude or mobile short-links.

People’s ability to immediately remember 3 words is near perfect whilst your ability to remember the 16 numbers, decimal points and N/S/E/W prefixes, that are required to define the same location using lat,long is zero.

What3Words is a universal addressing system based on a 3mx3m global grid.

  • Each of the 57 trillion 3mx3m squares in the world has been pre-allocated a fixed & unique 3 word address.
  • The What3Words geocoder turns geographic coordinates into these 3 word addresses & vice-versa.
  • As it is an algorithm the solution takes up less than 10MB, small enough to install on almost all smartphones and works across platforms and devices.
  • What3Words is a plug-in for businesses and individuals, via an API, to enhance their own products and services with simple and precise addressing.

Might there be an application in the world of data and legal discovery for the What3Words API? 

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