The Short List: An Abridged eDiscovery Directory

Provided as a service to legal, business, and information technology professionals seeking to understand and access leading service, software, and education providers in the data and legal discovery ecosystem, the following abridged short list of eDiscovery providers is shared to help individuals quickly find selected eDiscovery providers offering collection, processing, review, or education solutions.

The directory is not all-inclusive or comprehensive but is designed to help information seekers quickly find providers for general eDiscovery tasks and understand whether those providers offer solutions as software or services. The directory is compiled primarily from eDiscovery provider mentions in selected industry article, reports, and surveys and also augmented by additions from the providers themselves.

 The directory is organized around five core lists.

+ eDiscovery Collection
+ eDiscovery Processing
+ eDiscovery Review
+ eDiscovery Education
+ Top 100+ Providers (Unfiltered Directory)

Users can search for providers in three ways.

+ Provider Name Search (Search Box)
+ Filter By Tags (All, Software, Service, Education)*
+ Filter By Lists (All, Collection, Processing, Review, Education, and Top 100+)

*Currently, tag-enabled filtering by service and software is only available for the audited and reviewed collection, processing, and review lists. 

Additionally, directory users may share the list by generating embed code and pasting that code inside website or blog HTML where they may want to highlight the list.

The Short List: An eDiscovery Directory

eDiscovery Collection

eDIscovery Processing

eDiscovery Review

eDiscovery Education

Top 100+ Providers

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