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Content Assessment: A Digital Wall of eDiscovery? A Unique Presentation of Near-Term eDiscovery Events

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A short percentage-based assessment of the qualitative benefit of the recent article highlight ComplexDiscovery's near-term events board designed to provide quick access to selected eDiscovery-centric events.

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Near-Term Event Calendar

A Digital Wall of eDiscovery? A Unique Presentation of Near-Term eDiscovery Events

ComplexDiscovery Staff

In the dynamic field of eDiscovery, staying abreast of upcoming events is vital. The ComplexDiscovery Event Board emerges as a unique solution, presenting a scenery-enhanced 90-day view of forthcoming eDiscovery-centric activities. Accessible as a digital wall, it offers a snapshot of the industry’s pulse. Although not all-inclusive, it’s an excellent starting point for understanding key events and a reliable platform for reviewing ongoing updates.

The event board is designed for a broad audience, including legal practitioners, cybersecurity experts, information governance officers, and event organizers. Its flexibility makes it suitable for various venues, from professional conferences to home offices. Available at any time, its full-screen and scenery-enhanced display can be enjoyed in corporate settings or on personal devices, catering to different aspect ratios.

The ComplexDiscovery Event Board provides more than just visual appeal. By offering a 90-day outlook of near-term events, it facilitates better planning, trend awareness, networking, and professional development. Its adaptability and responsiveness make it a must-have tool in the eDiscovery domain.

Accessing the board is simple and intuitive, allowing users to keep abreast of the most relevant and timely events. Four example boards include:

Boards No Longer Available

And these event views are augmented by an extended view of industry events as maintained in the annual running events listing from ComplexDiscovery.

For organizations hosting eDiscovery-related events, the ComplexDiscovery Event Board allows easy addition, amendment, or correction of event details. To submit an event for posting consideration, simply click here to email the ComplexDiscovery Staff to provide the appropriate event information.

  1. Provide the Event Name: Enter the name of your event as you would like it displayed.
  2. Specify the Date: Include the specific month and dates for the event.
  3. Enter the Website URL: Provide the URL where more information about the event can be found.
  4. Note Event Scheduling Changes (If Applicable): If there are any changes to the scheduling of the event, include those details as well.
  5. Provide Event Point of Contact: Enter the name and email address of the event contact in case of questions or inquiries.

This streamlined process ensures accurate and prominent event representation, contributing to the platform’s comprehensive and current status.

The ComplexDiscovery Event Board stands as a pioneering innovation in eDiscovery, providing a scenic 90-day view of industry events. Its versatility, accessibility, and focus on inclusivity render it an indispensable tool for collaboration and growth. By allowing organizations to add their events and augmenting views with extended listings, it unlocks opportunities for staying at the forefront of the field. Explore the event board today to experience the way it revolutionizes the presentation of eDiscovery events.


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ComplexDiscovery also provides a ChatGPT-powered AI article assistant for its users. This feature leverages LLM capabilities to generate relevant and valuable insights related to specific page and post content published on By offering this AI-driven service, ComplexDiscovery OÜ aims to create a more interactive and engaging experience for its users, while highlighting the importance of responsible and ethical use of GAI and LLM technologies.


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