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Content Assessment: AI-Enabled Sensitive Data Management: Introducing HaystackID's Protect Analytics AI for Relativity

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Background Note: HaystackID® is a leading eDiscovery services firm renowned for its comprehensive solutions in sensitive data management. With a focus on cyberdiscovery, information governance, and legal discovery, HaystackID has developed Protect Analytics AI™ for Relativity, an AI-enabled toolset that transforms the way organizations handle vast amounts of data containing sensitive information. By seamlessly integrating advanced AI capabilities, interactive visualizations, customizable risk categories, and a sensitive data density score, HaystackID empowers professionals to efficiently identify, classify, and safeguard sensitive data. Their unwavering commitment to innovation and delivering top-tier solutions has positioned HaystackID as a trusted service provider, enabling organizations to navigate the intricacies of data protection and discovery in today’s digital landscape.

Service Overview

AI-Enabled Sensitive Data Management: Introducing HaystackID’s Protect Analytics AI for Relativity

ComplexDiscovery Staff

In the era of massive unstructured datasets and the ever-growing concern of managing sensitive information, HaystackID has taken a significant step forward with its groundbreaking solution, Protect Analytics AI for Relativity. This AI-powered platform has the potential to change the way organizations handle vast amounts of data containing personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), technical data, and other sensitive entities. By seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Power BI, this innovative tool offers interactive visualizations, customizable risk categories, and a sensitive data density score, empowering cyber discovery, information governance, and legal discovery professionals to efficiently manage potential data breaches and mitigate overall risk. Let’s dive into the capabilities and benefits of HaystackID’s Protect Analytics AI.

Sensitive Data Made Manageable

The challenges of managing unstructured datasets with sensitive information have been a constant struggle for organizations. Recognizing the urgency for comprehensive sensitive data management, HaystackID developed Protect Analytics AI for Relativity. This sophisticated platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to detect and classify a wide range of internationally sensitive data types and entities accurately. From globally relevant PII/PHI to region-specific data types spanning more than 40 countries, Protect Analytics AI ensures precise identification and classification.

Interactive Visualizations for Enhanced Analysis

Integrating Microsoft Power BI into the Protect Analytics AI for Relativity platform takes data analysis to new heights. Users can now enjoy robust and interactive visualizations within Relativity, providing a seamless experience to sort, query, and analyze fielded data. This powerful combination enables professionals to quickly identify and remediate sensitive data, streamlining the entire process of data management and regulatory compliance.

Customizable Risk Categories for Efficient Risk Management

Managing risk is a crucial aspect of data protection, and Protect Analytics AI caters to this need with its customizable risk categories. Each sensitive data classifier is assigned a risk category, enabling users to filter medical, high-risk, and low-risk data types. This level of granularity allows organizations to prioritize data breach notifications and proactively manage potential risks associated with sensitive data. By tailoring risk categories, professionals can make informed decisions based on the nature and severity of the data.

Sensitive Data Density Score: Focus on What Matters Most

Protect Analytics AI for Relativity goes beyond detection and classification by providing a sensitive data density score. This score allows professionals to swiftly identify the most sensitive documents within a dataset, saving valuable time and resources during the data review process. By prioritizing the analysis of highly sensitive documents, organizations can take immediate action to protect critical data and mitigate potential risks.

Extensibility and Scalability for Evolving Needs

HaystackID understands that organizations require flexible solutions that can adapt to their evolving needs. Protect Analytics AI for Relativity is built with extensibility and scalability in mind. With its CLR-based architecture, the platform seamlessly integrates with various processes, allowing organizations to optimize workflows and maximize efficiency. Whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud, Protect Analytics AI ensures it evolves alongside the organization, providing a future-proof solution.

Real-World Success Stories

The impact of Protect Analytics AI for Relativity is evident in numerous successful deployments across different sectors and geographies. One notable case involved a large telecommunications company that faced a security incident affecting both unstructured and complex structured data. By leveraging Protect Analytics AI, the HaystackID team swiftly identified the most sensitive data affected by the incident and conducted a complete analysis of hundreds of millions of rows of data in less than 72 hours. This breakthrough analysis helped the company save millions of pounds and establish breach reporting timeframes to regulators. Additionally, advanced visualizations provided via Power BI integration enabled the legal team to gain insights into the potential impact on data subjects and understand global regulatory obligations across multiple jurisdictions.

Leading the Way in Data Protection

In the face of mounting challenges surrounding sensitive data management, HaystackID’s Protect Analytics AI for Relativity stands as a powerful solution that empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape. By harnessing the potential of AI, this groundbreaking platform enables cyber discovery, information governance, and legal discovery professionals to efficiently identify, classify, and protect sensitive information.

To learn more about how HaystackID’s cyber, privacy, and incident response teams can help your organization effectively classify and manage sensitive data with Protect Analytics AI for Relativity, contact HaystackID today.

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