Cybersecurity Frameworks Becoming the Norm, Survey Finds

A survey released on Tuesday suggests the federal government’s recommended framework for how companies can reduce their cybersecurity risk is gaining traction.

Extract from article by Gabe Friedman

A survey released on Tuesday suggests the federal government’s recommended framework for how companies can reduce their cybersecurity risk is gaining traction.

Forty-three percent of the 338 respondents said that in the next year they will have adopted or plan to adopt the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s set of best practices known as the Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity. More companies are planning to adopt it than any other framework, although its overall rate of adoption may still be low.

The survey also found that 84 percent of respondents had adopted a framework to manage their cybersecurity, whether it was the one put forward by NIST or another trade group or an original plan. The data is drawn from a February 2016 survey of 338 U.S.-based IT and security professionals, conducted by technology market insight company, Dimensional Research, and commissioned by Maryland-based cybersecurity company, Tenable Network Security.

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