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Extract from an article by Myles McLeod

Intuition is one of the best tools a reviewer can use to spot processing-related data issues. A reviewer’s job requires a great deal of focus. They should expend effort in analyzing documents rather than dealing with data problems. If a database is experiencing excessive viewer issues, it likely contains processing errors. Contact your project manager to investigate.

Failure to remove system files is the most common processing error I see. Un-viewable system files make for an unpleasant review experience. One recent example I recall involved a database of 1.3 million documents. A reviewer complained about viewer rendering issues. No other reviewers complained about similar issues in their databases at the time. I noticed that the processing engine had tagged 330,000 of the 1,300,000 documents as unprocessable. Long story short, the vast majority of these documents did not belong in the review data set. They should have been hidden from view during processing. The reviewer did a great job of identifying an isolated workflow issue.

Here are a few other common processing problems to guard against:

  • Missing document attachments
  • Missing extracted text
  • Mismatched native files, images, or extracted text/OCR

If your gut tells you that your database has a problem, chances are it does. When in doubt, ask your technical staff to investigate until satisfied.

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