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Content Assessment: Relativity Fest Returns Spotlighting Generative AI, ESG, and the Future of eDiscovery



A short assessment of the qualitative benefit of the recent article highlighting ComplexDiscovery's planned coverage of the upcoming Relativity Fest 2023 in Chicago.

Editor’s Note: Relativity Fest 2023 is shaping up to be an unmissable event for anyone interested in the future of eDiscovery. As a leading publication covering this industry, ComplexDiscovery is eager to hear the discussions around artificial intelligence, ESG, and other trends defining where legal technology is headed.

The explosion of generative AI in the past year has been impossible to ignore. This technology promises to transform workflows like legal review and analysis, but real-world limitations persist. ComplexDiscovery is curious to hear perspectives from both leading AI experts and legal teams piloting these tools on the optimal path forward. A measured approach that augments human skills rather than replacing them seems wise.

ComplexDiscovery is also intrigued by the growing prominence of ESG issues at Relativity Fest. Given rising stakeholder expectations and impending regulations around areas like climate risk and data ethics, this represents a smart opportunity for legal tech companies to demonstrate leadership. Adopting ESG frameworks ultimately benefits not just corporate sustainability but also attracting top talent and investment.

Beyond AI and ESG, ComplexDiscovery anticipates lively debates around developments like new pricing models, legal ops roles, and cloud adoption that are reshaping legal technology. By tracking these trends at conferences like Relativity Fest, both vendors and legal teams can adapt ahead of the curve.

ComplexDiscovery looks forward to distilling the meaningful takeaways from Relativity Fest 2023 to inform our readers. Conferences represent rare chances to glimpse the future. We are committed to delivering the most substantive coverage possible to prepare legal technology professionals for what’s next.

Industry Conference Coverage

Relativity Fest Returns Spotlighting Generative AI, ESG, and the Future of eDiscovery

ComplexDiscovery Staff

Chicago, IL – Relativity Fest, the premier legal technology conference hosted by Relativity, returns to Chicago from September 26-28, 2023. This year’s event promises to deliver insightful discussions around pressing topics impacting the eDiscovery ecosystem.

ComplexDiscovery, a leading online publication covering cybersecurity, information governance, and legal discovery news, will provide coverage of Relativity Fest 2023. ComplexDiscovery staff will attend sessions, conduct interviews, and report on announcements and discussions around key issues in eDiscovery.

Key Themes

Several cutting-edge themes have emerged that will take center stage at Relativity Fest 2023, providing insights into the future trajectory of the eDiscovery industry:

Generative artificial intelligence (GAI) and its potential impacts on legal technology will be a major topic of discussion. The explosion in popularity of AI models like ChatGPT at the end of 2022 thrust GAI into the mainstream practically overnight. As GAI rapidly becomes more advanced and accessible in 2023, legal practitioners are urgently seeking to understand its capabilities for automating and enhancing eDiscovery workflows like document review. At the same time, they want insights into the risks and limitations of relying on GAI. Legal technology providers are also evaluating how to incorporate GAI responsibly into their offerings to augment human capabilities. Balancing the tremendous promise of GAI with the challenges of applying it ethically and effectively will continue to drive the conversation from initially asking “what is GAI?” to soon asking “how can we implement GAI?”

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues have moved to the forefront across industries, and legal technology is no exception. As expectations grow for companies to operate sustainably and ethically, providers and customers want to understand ESG principles and reporting frameworks. Prioritizing ESG offers benefits like attracting top talent, investment, and positive publicity. Moreover, as green computing becomes standard and regulations emerge from the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, implementing ESG policies may eventually become mandatory, rather than just good business. Legal technology companies that get ahead of the curve will be better positioned for funding and regulatory compliance down the road. By adopting ESG early, they can also demonstrate social responsibility and help drive positive change.

Staying nimble in the face of immense change will be key for legal technology professionals. By tracking major trends like mergers and acquisitions, new pricing models, evolving legal ops roles, accelerated cloud adoption, and emerging technologies at key conferences like Relativity Fest, both legal teams and vendors can adapt ahead of the curve and gain a marked advantage. Distilling insights from this time of transformation will be vital preparation for the future.

Key Sessions

With Relativity Fest’s extensive educational program, ComplexDiscovery staff have identified several “can’t-miss” sessions to attend for the latest insights on these key themes:

“Expectations vs. Reality: Making Sense of Technology Hype” on Tuesday will provide a grounded perspective on GAI, emerging data sources, and data privacy. Experts Wendy King (FTI Consulting), Danielle Panetta (Goodwin Proctor), Michael Rispin (Sprout Social), and Lisa Lahey will share stories about maintaining best practices when faced with disruptive new technologies like generative AI.

“Law Firms, Generative AI & The Future of e-Discovery” on Tuesday afternoon will share insights from a pilot study where law firms tested GPT-4 for eDiscovery workflows like privilege review. Speakers Cristin Traylor (Relativity), Michael Clicy, Jason Lichter (Troutman Pepper eMerge), Matthew Jackson (Sidley Austin LLP), and Melissa Dalziel will provide firsthand experiences and predictions about the future of generative AI in eDiscovery.

Wednesday morning’s “Transform Review with Generative AI” will demonstrate Relativity’s approach to responsibly incorporating GAI to accelerate workflows like document review and production. Experts Aron Ahmadia (Relativity), Elise Tropiano (Relativity), Ivan Alfaro (Relativity), and Peter Haller (Relativity) will discuss innovations like using GAI for privilege detection.

The “ESG Basics for e-Discovery” on Wednesday afternoon will deliver an educational overview of ESG principles like sustainable operations and data privacy. Speakers Beth Kallet-Neuman (Relativity), Jigna Dalal (Squire Patton Boogs), Jamie Gamble (PwC), and Kevin Bannon (CMS UK) will help attendees learn about ESG reporting frameworks and the benefits of prioritizing ESG.

The “e-Discovery State of the Union” on Wednesday will analyze major legal developments, news, technological breakthroughs, and industry trends affecting eDiscovery professionals over the past year. Expert speakers include David Horrigan (Relativity), Ryan O’Leary (IDC), Isha Marathe (Journalist), Stephanie Wilkins (ALM), Joe Patrice (Above the Law), and Bob Ambrogi (LawSites/LawNext).

Comprehensive Coverage

With its comprehensive educational program and exhibition floor, Relativity Fest Chicago 2023 promises to deliver tremendous insights into the key innovations and issues impacting eDiscovery. ComplexDiscovery looks forward to reporting on the latest announcements and discussions coming out of this premier legal technology event.

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