Fri. Feb 3rd, 2023
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    Content Assessment: Thankful for Your Customers? Eleven Customer Relationship Considerations

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    A short percentage-based assessment of the qualitative benefit of the decade-old missive sharing considerations for effective customer relationships.

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    Customer Success

    Eleven Customer Relationship Considerations

    Originally Published by ComplexDiscovery in 2011

    Subjective, attribute-based customer relationship requirements are very rarely formally addressed or specified during the eDiscovery provider evaluation process. However, these attribute-based requirements are almost always present as a contributing factor in determining customer satisfaction. While many different attributes may impact inter-organizational and interpersonal engagements between providers and customers, the following eleven customer relationship attributes may be beneficial for providers to consider as they seek to meet and exceed customer expectations in the delivery of data and legal discovery services.

    “Things Customers Truly Want But Don’t Specify”

    • Attention: Observant consideration. Not only addressing what the client is asking for but applying experience to help consider what the client might need (or not need).
    • Acceptance: Favorable reception. Accepting the client as a partner in the development and delivery of the solution and not just as a requestor.
    • Appreciation: Expressed gratitude. Sharing through action (helping clients) your thankfulness for being considered as a provider who can help the client solve a problem.
    • Affirmation: Positive judgment. Providing validation of client requests and decisions when you are in agreement and providing constructive/instructive feedback for consideration when you are not in agreement with the client.
    • Affection: Strong fondness. Genuinely holding the client’s best interests as the highest priority.
    • Comfort: Lessening severity. Seeking to communicate and setting expectations in a manner that keeps the client apprised of project status to ensure no surprises.
    • Encouragement: Helpful support. Being easy to work with by helping people feel positive when communicating with you.
    • Respect: Deferential regard. Understanding that ultimately the client is in charge of their decisions and that having the responsibility to help with such decisions is not to be taken lightly.
    • Security: Freedom from risk. Seeking to eliminate risk to the client at every point that one can and still meet the client’s needs.
    • Support: Tolerant endurance. Providing support by keeping an eye on the desired result instead of the immediate request or response.
    • Understanding: Compassionate comprehension. Seeking to not only understand what the client is saying but seeking to understand the context of the requirement.

    By considering these attributes carefully and applying them liberally, providers can truly show how genuinely thankful they are for the opportunity to work with and for their customers.

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