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A short percentage-based assessment of the qualitative benefit of the announcement of a new eDiscovery review platform with cloud or on-premise deployment from Venio Systems.

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Press Announcement

Venio Systems Announces Venio Review, A Full-Featured, Easy-to-Use, Cost-Effective eDiscovery Review Platform with Cloud or On-Premise Deployment

Venio Review gives legal review and investigative teams the tools they need to review millions of documents and find case-relevant information easily and effectively. It is a highly intuitive solution that offers the option of being deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or as a SaaS service.

Venio Systems, the fastest growing eDiscovery technology provider, announces the release of Venio Review, its new easy-to-use, reliable, cost-effective review platform.

Venio Review gives legal review and investigative teams the tools they need to review millions of documents and find case-relevant information easily and effectively. It is a highly intuitive solution that offers the option of being deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or as a SaaS service.

“In developing Venio Review, we targeted four areas that need improvement based on discussions with users unsatisfied with current review platforms,” Ankur Agarwal, Venio’s VP of Products said. “Those areas were time wasted, high costs, increased litigation risks, and quality issues. By creating a platform that streamlines the review process, offers an easy-to-use, customizable interface, and includes features that make the review process more comprehensive and accurate, Venio has addressed these issues.”

Professionals working in eDiscovery said Venio Review is the solution they’ve been seeking:

“So many eDiscovery review platforms have complicated search functions with steep learning curves,” Tattyanne Seda, Litigation Support Manager for Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L, said. “What we needed was one with a simple-to-learn search functionality that gave us quick access to past searches, saved searches, and allowed us to change their scope and easily do filtering when we needed to. Venio Review has all of those features and makes our review process more accurate while saving us and our clients valuable time.”

“Dealing with redaction in review has been a complicated process,” Abbye Needham, eDiscovery Services Manager at Bit-x-Bit, said. “We have to identify and remove sensitive financial information in Excel files, but viewing them outside our eDiscovery platform or as image files wastes valuable time and increases our costs. What we need is a single platform that lets us redact files easily and quickly — and that’s what Venio Review delivers. It saves time, reduces expenses and, because it allows us to remove sensitive data, it reduces our risk.”

Venio Review’s features include:

+ Purpose-built architecture to support diverse case needs with no third-party integrations required. This includes batched review, email threading, and viewers for social media, multimedia, PDF, and transcript file types.

+ Fast, intuitive, powerful search capabilities paired with an easy-to-use Query Builder that generates complex search queries, along with powerful filters offering immediate insights into the dataset to help refine searches

+ Native Excel redaction to eliminate the risk of exposing sensitive data and save time in the review process by offering the ability to highlight and redact native files, eliminating the need for them to be manually reviewed outside the platform or from cumbersome text files

+ An AI-powered review toolset that uses machine learning to reduce case data by up to 90 percent to surface the information vital to your investigation, and email thread views that identify missing or deleted content along with a social media viewer that drills down into individual conversations

+ Interactive analytics that reduce costs by decreasing the amount of data moved into review and offering additional tools for reviewers and project managers, allowing them to sample data to ensure collection is complete and strategies are working, identify key custodians or actors, spot time gaps, and more

+ Customizable user interface with templatized review sets and screen layouts for different case types, roles, and tasks, delivering faster and better results for review teams

+ Flexible licensing and deployment, letting users choose where data is located, along with a flexible, subscription-based license that lets your use of Venio Review grow with your business

“We incorporated these features in Venio Review to ensure that the platform offered a single, all-in-one solution to the review issues that concerned users,” Agarwal said. “ By relying on Venio Review for your eDiscovery needs, clients don’t have to be concerned with the cost, timeliness, risks, and quality of their review process. Instead, they can focus on onboarding new clients and cases with ease and peace of mind.”

To learn more about Venio Review and try it for free for one month, please visit our free trial page.

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