20+ “Technology Assisted Review” Providers

Updated 1/26/2013

Based on a website review of leading providers in the electronic discovery arena, the following list provides a quick, non-all inclusive reference of firms that appear to have developed “technology assisted review” technology  (one form of this being “predictive coding”) for their own and/or partner offerings.

“Technology Assisted Review” Providers

Forms/Terms for  “Technology Assisted Review” include:

Alphabetically Ordered

  • Adaptive Coding
  • Advanced Computer-Assisted Review
  • Assisted Review
  • Automated Document Review
  • Automated Predictive Review
  • Automated Review
  • Automatic Classification
  • Automatic Coding
  • AutoSuggest
  • Computer Assisted Review
  • Content Based Advanced Analytics
  • Defensible Auditable Review
  • eCulling
  • Intelligent Prioritization
  • Intelligent Review
  • Machine Assisted Review
  • Machine Learning Analytics
  • Meaning Based Coding
  • Predictive Coding
  • Predictive Intelligence
  • Predictive Priority
  • Predictive Pruning
  • Predictive Ranking
  • Predictive Review
  • Predictive Tagging
  • Presumptive Privilege
  • Software Assisted Review
  • Statistical Sampling
  • Suggested Coding
  • Suggestive Coding
  • Technology Assisted Review
  • Transparent Predictive Coding

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  • Publicly Available Industry Analyst Research
  • Public Domain Research (Vendor Websites)
  • USPTO Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS)


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