Weekly Top Story Digest – February 6, 2013

Compiled by @ComplexD from online public domain resources, provided for your review/use is this week’s update of key industry news, views, and events highlighting key electronic discovery related stories, developments, and announcements.

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eDiscovery Updates


  • 10 Top eDiscovery Developments and Trends in 2012 – http://bit.ly/11rcXRk (Jay Yurkiw)
  • 502(d) Order Provides Right To Claw Back “No Matter What The Circumstances” That Resulted In Production – http://bit.ly/11sZ3yb (K&L Gates)
  • Delaware Court of Chancery Announces Rule Amendments and New “Must Read” eDiscovery Guidelines – http://bit.ly/WKpDnj (Christopher Viceconte)
  • Determining Document Control in Third-Party Legal Holds Is Complex – http://bit.ly/VPDuaK (Christopher Boehning, Daniel Toal)
  • Discovered Emails Suggest Possible Antitrust Violations By Tech Giants – http://bit.ly/11t6Fk1 (Karina Saranovic)
  • Does the Stored Communications Act Protect an Email’s Subject Line From Disclosure? http://bit.ly/WHFYJk (Evan Brown)
  • Don’t Forget About the Trial Counsel During Early Case Assessment – http://bit.ly/WSZdQ9 (Matthew Prewitt)
  • eDSG Poll of GCs and CIOs on Predictive Technology Use – http://bit.ly/VPZhPr (Charles Skamser)
  • Gartner Finds Corporate IT in ‘Crisis’ Mode http://bit.ly/VTJXBj (Evan Koblentz)
  • Journey into the Borg Hive: Parts Seven – http://bit.ly/WHwjT4 – and Eight – http://bit.ly/WT0iaz (Ralph Losey)
  • Keywords, Done Right, Do Well – http://bit.ly/WKzgCE (Karen Baumer)
  • Learning to “Like” Social Media Discovery – http://bit.ly/YyXr9R (Jen Wrightman)
  • Litigation 101 for eDiscovery Tech Professionals: Document Review – http://bit.ly/WHsSeX (Doug Austin)
  • Managing The Risks & Costs Of Electronic Data: “Defensible Deletion” – http://bit.ly/11IjIOS (Anthony Diana, Therese Craparo)
  • New Years Resolutions–Statutory Changes to the Discovery Act – http://bit.ly/WNiWAV (Katherine Gallo)
  • NY State Courts Look to Adopt Rules Requiring Parties to Discuss eDiscovery at the Outset of Litigation – http://bit.ly/11nxRkp (Paul Saso)
  • Q&A with Allison Walton of Symantec and Laura Zubulake – http://bit.ly/WKsFrR (Allison Walton, Laura Zubulake)
  • Predictive Ranking: Technology Assisted Review Designed for the Real World – http://bit.ly/WYEsR9 (Jeremy Pickens)
  • “Sanctions —Failure to File Reply Brief as Evidence of Frivolousness ” – http://bit.ly/WT1LxP (Gregory Joseph)
  • Software Glitch Does Not Waive Privilege | eLessons Learned – http://bit.ly/WTVxxD (James Damiano)
  • The New Axiom of Computer-Assisted Review (PDF) http://bit.ly/14CIuDi (Jay Lieb)
  • Texas Court To Sanitation Company: Show Me The Metadata! http://bit.ly/URP4mw (@ITLexOrg)
  • The End of an Era: Law Firms, eDiscovery, Susskind, the Year 1599, Dinosaurs, and a Yellow Scooter – http://bit.ly/14Duv03 (Chris Dale)
  • Waste Management Wants to Throw Away the Metadata – eDiscovery Case Law – http://bit.ly/WNhTkD (Doug Austin)
  • What You Don’t Know About Your Discovery Vendor Can Get You Sanctioned – http://bit.ly/YIRIhH (Carey Busen)




  • 5 Questions Companies Must Ask During FCPA Due Diligence – http://bit.ly/WDFZ0M (Alexandra Wrage)
  • Broker-Dealers Really Need To Know Their Clients Better – http://bit.ly/VS7HpH (Ernest Badway)
  • Calling General Counsel to the Front Lines of Cybersecurity – http://bit.ly/VPyi6w (Sue Reisinger)
  • Citing ‘Undue Risk’ from Social Media Use, FFIEC Issues Guidance – http://bit.ly/VRzTZG (ACFCS)
  • Consumer Data Protection Laws, an Ocean Apart – http://nyti.ms/WSVn9Q (Natasha Singer)
  • Cyber Vulnerability Remains 5 Years After Discovery – http://bit.ly/11ImuUh (Peter Vogel)
  • Data Security for Lawyers Traveling to China – http://bit.ly/WDGdF9 (Alan Cohen)
  • DOL Announces New, Searchable Registry of LCA and PERM Applications for Review – http://bit.ly/VMOaGU (Maggie Murphy)
  • FCPA Enforcement Stats Are Over-Hyped for Compliance Assessments – http://bit.ly/WM06dw (Ryan McConnell)
  • FTC: More Mobile Apps Privacy Disclosures Required – http://bit.ly/WLLbje (Bradley Shear)
  • FTC Updates To Online Privacy Acts, COPPA And VPPA – http://bit.ly/11kszpB (Gina Ilardi)
  • Management Employees Critical of Company Investigations Are Not Protected by Title VII – http://buff.ly/VTO3cR (Tara Aschenbrand)
  • Pairing Change Management Theory with Anti-Corruption – Part 2 – http://bit.ly/VPswSH (David Fitzsimmons)
  • Regulatory: U.S. Travel Act joins FCPA on the Compliance Main Stage – http://bit.ly/11u9e5r (Markus Funk, Michael Sink)
  • Ride The Lightning: FBI Again Warns Law Firms About the Threat From Hackers – http://bit.ly/11JOyqk (Sharon Nelson)
  • Secrets at Risk, Glaxo says it Faces Ransom Demands from Failing Vendor – http://bit.ly/WDBiEi (Robert Hilson)
  • Survey Results: Ethics and Compliance Leads Among Pressing Issues for Chief Legal Officers – http://bit.ly/WHq8ye (CCI)
  • The Problem – And Solution–Regarding Foreign Outside Counsel Fees – http://bit.ly/WLXNay (Zachary Creger)
  • Thirty Percent of GC Say Corporations Are Not Prepared to Defend Against Cyber Attacks, Survey Reveals – http://yhoo.it/WHrKrK (PR Newswire)
  • Watch What You Tweet: Proposed Social Media Guidance for Financial Institutions – http://bit.ly/WKrx7r (Nathan Taylor, Julie O’Neill,  Andrew Smith)


  • 2012 Top General Counsel Compensation Report – http://hvrd.me/WKtSPT (@HarvardCorpGov)
  • January Edition of Notable Cases and Events in eDiscovery – http://bit.ly/WJu0iG (Sidley Austin)
  • One Complete Year of Technology-Assisted Review Related Stories – http://bit.ly/IiTGtb (@OrangeLT)
  • Senator Releases Report on Corporate Responses to Cybersecurity Queries – http://bit.ly/WHFFyf (Harriet Pearson)
  • Socially Aware Looks Back: The Social Media Law Year in Review – http://bit.ly/WKti4I (John Delaney, Jess Soslow)
  • UN Technology and Innovation Report 2012 (PDF) http://bit.ly/XNxgWd (UNCTAD)
  • United States Courts – Access to Court Opinions Expands – http://bit.ly/WLY6C0 (Sabrina Pacifici)
  • Actionable Intelligence: Weekly “Quick 10″ Corporate Risk Review Stories – 2.1.13 – http://buff.ly/11tZMz0 (@ActionableINT)


  • Corporations’ Control in eDiscovery Process Shaping Marketplace – http://bit.ly/WTRe5j (@OrangeLT)
  • Craig Ball on Native Data – http://bit.ly/11t8FJa (Monica Bay)
  • Information Governance Will Replace Predictive Coding As Biggest Trend in eDiscovery – Judge Peck – http://bit.ly/WKrOrh (LXBN)
  • Monica Bay on Legal Tech Trends – http://bit.ly/WO9z43 (Aric Press)
  • Patrick Oot Previews Day Two of LegalTech – http://bit.ly/11aaXlU  (Monica Bay)
  • Predictive Coding ROI Outpaces Other Processes Even As Technology Costs Rise – Wilmer Hale’s Steven Berrent – http://bit.ly/WO8iKg (LXBN)
  • Proportionality: Why Considering Value of Case Is Important in Discovery – Judge Baylson – http://bit.ly/11t7c5v (LXBN)
  • Reports from LegalTech New York 2013 with Christy Burke – http://bit.ly/XdcGyx (@LegalIT)
  • Social Media and the Law – Three Nuggets and One Blawger’s Tale – http://bit.ly/UJSpE0 (Dan Michaluk)
  • “The Cloud” No Longer a Hot Topic Because it’s Common Knowledge at this Point – MyCase’s Nicole Black – http://bit.ly/11Ilm2N (LXBN)
  • Unfiltered Orange – Cartoons: Ever Forgotten Your Password? http://buff.ly/UKmovy (@OrangeLT)



  • A Look at Corporations’ Control in eDiscovery – http://bit.ly/WTRe5j (@OrangeLT)
  • A View From the Bench: Judges on eDiscovery at LegalTech Day Two – http://bit.ly/WAZpn7 (Evan Koblentz)
  • Barry Murphy’s LegalTech 2013 Wrap Up – http://bit.ly/11JyCEm (@eDiscJournal)
  • Big Data Startup Attivio Takes On Big Rivals – http://buff.ly/VO7m7r (Saurabh Bhasin)
  • Canon Wins Litigation Support and Document Process Management Outsourcing Contracts – http://bit.ly/11t2d4Q (Business Wire)
  • Catalyst Releases OnRamp 2013 Client to Help Integrate Data Loading to Secure Cloud – http://buff.ly/11nMrYZ (Marketwire)
  • CommVault Announces Third Quarter Fiscal 2013 Financial Results – http://bit.ly/Wyk8rz (Press Release)
  • D4 Discovery and Special Counsel Announce Strategic Partnership – http://buff.ly/WTzK7j (PR Web)
  • Dell goes Private for $24 Billion | ZDNet – http://zd.net/VQbYKe (Zack Whittaker)
  • D.O.E. Technologies and doeLegal Will Pay $130K to Settle EEOC Disability Discrimination Lawsuit – http://buff.ly/VMJfG7 (U.S. EEOC)
  • doeLEGAL Equips Konica Minolta with Collaborative Legal Spend Solution – ASCENT™ – http://buff.ly/11t2Vix (PR Web)
  • eTERA Consulting Announces Document Review Management Tool 1ntelligent One 2.0 – http://bit.ly/11t0bBV (PR Web)
  • Harold G Walker Solicitors Chooses IRIS Legal Hosted Solution – http://buff.ly/X9PD9M (@LegalIT)
  • How Corporations Are Using Technology to Manage Costs of Discovery – Daegis’ Don Ryan – http://buff.ly/WKtKQp (LXBN)
  • How Recommind Grew to $70M in Big Data Revenue – http://bit.ly/WSWuq0 (The Big Data Landscape)
  • Hyland Software Announces its 5,000 Financial Services Customer, 3Rivers Federal Credit Union – http://buff.ly/VPFNun (PR Newswire)
  • I Attended LegalTech And What I Got Was This Review (And A Monkey Slingshot) – Canadian Lawyer Magazine – http://buff.ly/VPvs1E (Dera Nevin)
  • IDM Helps Clients Capture Comprehensive Web Content with Smarsh Web Archiving – http://bit.ly/11t1vES (PR Web)
  • Information Governance Quickly Coming to the Forefront for Corporations – Recommind’s Nick Patience – http://bit.ly/WT3anU (LXBN)
  • Iron Mountain to Help Law Firms Reduce Records Storage Costs – http://bit.ly/WHI63O (Sean Doherty)
  • Lawyers Being Replaced by Machines? New Video from SFL Data Explains Technology-Assisted Review – http://buff.ly/11ksjXP (PR Web)
  • LDiscovery Launches End to End eDiscovery SaaS Solution –  http://prn.to/XIg9VM (PR Newswire)
  • LegalTech 2013: A Look in the Rear-View Mirror – http://buff.ly/VMF25f (Michele Lange)
  • LegalTech Day One: Relativity 8, Statistical Sampling, Law Firm Security – http://bit.ly/UCbUON (Evan Koblentz)
  • LegalTech Day Three: FBI Security Expert Urges Law Firm Caution – http://bit.ly/UIPiwa (Evan Koblentz)
  • Metalogix Releases New Version of Market-Leading Email Archiver – http://bit.ly/WHCg2f (PR Web)
  • LegalTech Report: Picture It Settled – http://buff.ly/11Ifo23 (Bob Ambrogi)
  • MessageSolution Showcases Information Archiving and eDiscovery Solutions at Parallels Summit 2013 – http://buff.ly/VPzJlv (PR Web)
  • More News and Notes From LegalTech New York – http://bit.ly/VDIK4y (Evan Koblentz)
  • Navigant to Release Cloud-Based eDiscovery Legal Resource | Business Insurance – http://bit.ly/11t3Rn1 (Anna Gaynor)
  • OpenText Appoints Kevin Cochrane as Chief Marketing Officer – http://buff.ly/VQvW7t (@LegalIT)
  • Oracle to Buy Acme Packet for $2.1 Billion – http://nyti.ms/VMFz7f (Michael De La Merced)
  • Quick Hits – Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 2.4 Released – Bird’s Eye View – http://buff.ly/VPGaoJ (@BranchBird)
  • Recommind Wins Document-Search Deal With SEC in Next Step to IPO – Businessweek – http://buswk.co/11kuj26 (Ari Levi)
  • Social Media Discovery Hotter Than Predictive Coding? http://buff.ly/WMyKUL (John Patzakis)
  • Talent. Technology. Total Managed Review. Managed Review Process Overview – http://bit.ly/WLT3S7 (@OrangeLT)
  • TeamConnect CompuLaw Integration Saves Time and Mitigates Risk for Corporate Counsel – http://buff.ly/WB7DLL (Press Release)
  • Technology Assisted Review Evolves – VP RenewData Joe Garber Discusses New Approaches – http://bit.ly/WSU0I1 (LXBN)
  • The Dangers of Infobesity at LegalTech | eDiscovery101 – http://bit.ly/11JNzq4 (Bill Tolson)
  • Time to Catch Up? eDiscovery Related Vendor Announcements – http://bit.ly/P2xdEi (@VendorClips)
  • Veteran Technology and E-Discovery Entrepreneur Matthew Work Joins Catalyst Board – http://bit.ly/VR6lLK (@LegalIT)

2013 eDiscovery Events


Managing eDiscovery in New Zealand
February 13, 2013
Auckland, NZ
Click here for more information.

The Sedona Conference® – eDiscovery Cooperation Training
February 21-22, 2013
Phoenix, AZ
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ACEDS 2013 Annual Conference and Exhibition
February 28 – March 2, 2013
Hollywood, FL
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HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition
March 3-7, 2013
New Orleans, LA
Click here for more information.

Legal IT Business Show 2013
March 5-6, 2013
London, United Kingdom
Click here for more information.

Second Annual ASU-Arkfeld eDiscovery and Digital Evidence Conference
March 13-15, 2013
Tempe, AZ
Click here for more information.

AIIM Conference
March 20-22, 2013
New Orleans, LA
Click here for more information.

The Sedona Conference® Institute’s 7th Annual E-Discovery Program: Living On E-Discovery’s Cutting Edge
March 21-22, 2013
San Diego, CA
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April 4-6, 2013
Chicago, IL
Click here for more information.

Laguna Beach eDiscovery Retreat
April 10-12, 2013
Laguna Beach, CA
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2013 ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition
April 14-17, 2013
Washington, DC
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LawTech Futures
April 30, 2013
London, UK
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EDRM 2013-14 Kickoff Meeting
May 7-9, 2013
St. Paul, MN
Click here for more information.

CEIC 2013
May 19 – 22, 2013
Orlando, FL
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LegalTech West Coast
May 21-22, 2013
Los Angeles, CA
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ILTA 2013 Annual Conference
August 18-22, 2013
Las Vegas, NV
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Fifth Annual Intermountain eDiscovery Conference – 2013
September 26, 2013
Salt Lake City, UT
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LawTech Europe Congress 2013
October 21 – 22, 2013
Prague, Czech Republic
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ACC 2013 Annual Meeting
October 27-30, 2013
Los Angeles, CA
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