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Content Assessment: Array Continues Growth Spree with LSi Acquisition, Expanding Services into the Mountain West

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Editor’s Note: This article delves into the recent acquisition of Litigation Solutions Inc. (LSi), a Denver-based litigation solutions provider, by Array, a leading litigation support firm. This strategic move marks Array’s second acquisition of an eDiscovery company in a month, significantly bolstering its capabilities and expanding its geographical reach into the Mountain West region. The acquisition enhances Array’s diverse portfolio of legal services, including eDiscovery, trial and deposition support, and document scanning, among others. This move is particularly noteworthy for legal professionals, as it signifies Array’s growing influence and its commitment to offering a comprehensive suite of legal services. The article also sheds light on Array’s recognition in the Inc. 5000 list, underlining its status as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

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Array Continues Growth Spree with LSi Acquisition, Expanding Services into the Mountain West

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Array, a prominent nationwide litigation support firm, recently announced its acquisition of Litigation Solutions Inc. (LSi), further cementing its position as a key player in the legal tech ecosystem. LSi, headquartered in Denver, is recognized for its comprehensive litigation solutions, including eDiscovery, trial and deposition support, document scanning, and collections and forensics services. This acquisition not only broadens Array’s service offerings but also extends its geographical footprint into the Mountain West, a region where LSi has established a strong reputation.

The integration of LSi into Array’s operations is a strategic step, particularly following Array’s recent acquisition of another eDiscovery company. This move underscores Array’s commitment to enhancing its eDiscovery team and solidifying its role as an industry-leading partner for law firms and in-house legal departments. With LSi’s expertise, Array strengthens its existing services, including managed review, traditional discovery, court reporting, contract legal staffing and recruiting, and record retrieval and subpoena support services.

Michael Lopez, the owner of LSi, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, highlighting the expanded legal service offerings that LSi’s customers will now have access to. Thadd Hale, CEO of Array, also emphasized the significance of acquiring a talented team like LSi’s to further Array’s growth and mission of delivering meticulous and dedicated service to their customers.

This acquisition is a testament to Array’s dynamic growth trajectory, as evidenced by its inclusion in this year’s Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. The company’s aggressive expansion strategy, marked by the acquisitions of LSi, Acorn Legal Solutions, and Compass Reporting, demonstrates a clear focus on broadening its impact and service offerings in the legal tech sector.

Array’s acquisition of LSi is a strategic move that enhances its nationwide litigation support services. By leveraging the latest technology and a team of experienced litigation support professionals, Array is well-positioned to deliver intelligent, results-driven strategies that are invaluable to law firms and in-house counsel. This acquisition not only signifies Array’s growing influence in the legal tech industry but also its dedication to offering a comprehensive range of services that meet the evolving needs of legal professionals.

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