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Content Assessment: Cruelty-Free e-Discovery? Recently Funded Beagle with its AI-Native Platform may be Shaping the Future of eDiscovery

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A short percentage-based assessment of the qualitative benefit of the recent announcement by Beagle of its recent funding and introduction of its AI-native eDiscovery platform.

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Background Note: Beagle™, an AI-native platform for eDiscovery, has raised $430K at an $8M valuation. The platform simplifies the processes of document collection, analysis, and exchange within legal disputes and investigations. It was founded in 2021 by Sergey Demyanov, Maksim Ivanov, and a third co-founder. The platform uses AI capabilities powered by the latest LLMs to maximize review efficiency and minimize user frustration. The goal of Beagle is to make real lawyering the focus of attorneys and not tedious categorization tasks that AI can do more quickly and accurately.

Potential Importance to Cybersecurity, Information Governance, and Legal Discovery Professionals:

  • Cybersecurity: Beagle’s AI-driven approach to eDiscovery can help cybersecurity professionals by automating the process of identifying and categorizing relevant documents and data. This can help in incident response and forensic investigations, where quick and accurate identification of relevant data is crucial.
  • Information Governance: Beagle can aid in the process of managing and organizing data, a key aspect of information governance. By automating the process of data categorization and tagging, it can help organizations maintain better control over their information assets.
  • Legal Discovery Professionals: Beagle’s platform can significantly reduce the time and cost associated with the eDiscovery process. By automating tasks like document review and categorization, it can make the process more efficient and accurate. This can lead to cost savings and better outcomes in litigation.
  • eDiscovery Ecosystem: The introduction of AI-native platforms like Beagle can disrupt the traditional eDiscovery ecosystem. By offering a more efficient and cost-effective solution, it can drive competition and innovation in the sector. This can lead to the development of more advanced and user-friendly eDiscovery solutions in the future.

Beagle stands out in the eDiscovery landscape as an AI-native platform. Unlike many solutions that attempt to bolt on AI features to existing products, Beagle has been conceived and developed from the ground up with AI at its core. This fundamental integration of AI allows Beagle to fully harness the power of advanced language models, resulting in a more efficient, flexible, and user-friendly eDiscovery experience. It’s not just about adding AI to eDiscovery; it’s about reimagining e-Discovery through the lens of AI.

Press Announcement (May Announcement + June Wait List Opening)

Beagle™ — A New Generation AI-Platform for e-Discovery: Cruelty-Free E-discovery™ & Promoting Access to Justice raises $430K at $8M valuation.


David Ha, Head of Research at Stability AI, former Research Scientist at Google Brain; Alex Mashrabov, co-founder of AI factory acquired by Snap, Forbes 30 under 30; Paul Kim, a CEO of a global quantitative hedge fund Y-intercept; Mehreen Malik, a founder of the global early stage investment fund Mei Lin; Grigorii Tkachenko, Tech entrepreneur and Angel investor; and Davidovs VC — an early stage VC firm backed by a group of 99 engineers, founders, and angel investors — invested.

DVC team shares: “We are happy to back Sergey and the Beagle team, which has proven multiple times in the past they can build incredible products and businesses. Legal tech is on the verge of the biggest shakeup and Beagle is well positioned to enable lawyers cut down on their costs while maintaining their revenues.”


Founded in 2021 by Sergey Demyanov, Maksim Ivanov, and a third co-founder (operating currently in stealth mode), Beagle™ is an AI-native platform for e-Discovery that simplifies the processes of document collection, analysis, and exchange within legal disputes and investigations. Conceived and developed by a team of cross-industry professionals, Beagle offers a powerful, elegant, and user-centric e-Discovery solution that eliminates pain points and enables efficiency. “Cruelty-Free eDiscovery”™ is Beagle’s tagline and the northstar for Beagle™ founders in making all key design and functionality decisions.

Beagle’s waitlist is available on its website. The demos will be scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis. Sign up now to be among the first to try the e-Discovery solution of the AI era!


Over the past decade, the volume of written and digital communication has dramatically increased creating unprecedented challenges and expenses for litigants, and making electronic discovery one of the costliest aspects of litigation.

A typical civil lawsuit could involve over 130GB of data with manual (human) review allowing processing of no more than 40-50 documents per hour. Over $11 billion is spent on e-Discovery each year alone, with the average medium-sized case costing parties a staggering $2.5 million – $3.5 million. Results are often unsatisfactory too, with some studies showing that manual review accuracy is often as low as 60% (e.g, almost half the documents reviewed are wrongly categorized as “relevant” or “irrelevant”). In other words, litigants pour sacks of money into a manual process that is not only painful for attorneys, but also yields outcomes that are marginally more reliable than the toss of a coin.

It is not surprising, therefore that the volume, tight deadlines and long hours of e-discovery are recognized as a very real threat to employee mental health, contributing to stress, anxiety, and burnout.


Beagle implements cutting-edge AI capabilities powered by the latest LLMs, and operated via a user-centric UX/UI, to offer a solution that maximizes review efficiency and minimizes user frustration. Beagle is unlike any of its competitors because it does not attempt to tack-on AI-features to old products, but rather re-envisions eDiscovery ground-up using the power of large ChatGPT-like language models. As a result, Beagle offers unmatched power, greater flexibility, and a much smoother user experience. Indeed, dozens of attorneys have already sampled Beagle, and enthusiastically described it as a “game changer,” a “homerun,” and a tool that “could really change how we do e-Discovery.”

Beagle’s novel offerings include:

  • Beagle Autotagging: Reliably identify responsiveness and issues, minimizing the need for attorney review
  • Cruelty-free e-Discovery: Intuitive, user-driven software, with easy solutions and an approachable design
  • Unprecedented search quality, including natural language question-answering along with citations to real, verifiable evidence
  • Search results that logically group related documents as a document reviewing attorney might (e.g., related emails, discussions concerning a subject across communication platforms, near duplicates, etc.)
  • Automatic generation of privilege logs, identification and isolation of links embedded in documents, and other time-saving features.
  • A transparent price that provides savings and certainty to litigants and their counsel teams.

We were drawn to e-Discovery as this field remains inefficient and ripe for disruption. Witnessing progress in natural language understanding and reasoning, we wanted to deliver a product that combines the searching, analyzing, and content-generation capabilities of AI. Beagle achieves this goal in an elegant way, and we are excited that, after over two years of development, we can finally put Beagle to work.” — Beagle™ founders share.


With Cruelty-free e-Discovery being the foundation of their work, the Beagle team wants their users to have the product they deserve, combined with excellent support services. It is time for real lawyering to be the focus of attorneys—not tedious categorization tasks that AI is today capable of completing far more quickly and accurately than humans. In the end, reducing attorney billable hours will make litigation processes quicker and more affordable for clients, leveling the playing field and promoting access to justice for disadvantaged litigants.

Learn more at Discover Beagle.

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