On-Demand Continuing Legal Education: Best Practices for eDiscovery Searching

Best Practices for eDiscovery Searching: A Continuing Legal Education (CLE) On-Demand Presentation (1.0 Hour) prepared and presented by CloudNine. This CLE-approved webcast session will cover goals for effective searching, what to consider prior to collecting ESI that will be subject to search, mechanisms for culling prior to searching, mechanisms for improving search recall and precision, challenges to effective searching and recommended best practices for searching and validating your search results to ensure effective search results.

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Best Practices for eDiscovery Searching

A Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Presentation (1.0 Hour) prepared and presented by CloudNine.



About CloudNine (CLE Presenter)

Founded in 2002 and based in Houston, Texas, CloudNine is a legal intelligence technology company with deep expertise in the analysis, processing, and review of electronically stored information (ESI). Currently used by more than 50 of the top 250 Am Law firms as well as in many of the world’s leading corporations, CloudNine has been recognized in reports and surveys by Gartner, 451 Research, Blue Hill Research, Corporate Counsel Magazine, the New York Journal, and Texas Lawyer. CloudNine also publishes the eDiscovery Daily Blog, a trusted source of information for the legal industry. A leader in eDiscovery automation, you can learn more about CloudNine at eDiscovery.co.


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