Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
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    Content Assessment: eDiscovery Mergers, Acquisitions, and Investments in Q3 2022

    Information - 90%
    Insight - 88%
    Relevance - 91%
    Objectivity - 92%
    Authority - 93%



    A short percentage-based assessment of the qualitative benefit of the recent post highlighting eDiscovery ecosystem investments during Q3 2022.

    Editor’s Note: Since beginning in November 2001 to track the number of publicly highlighted merger, acquisition, and investment (M&A+I) events in the eDiscovery ecosystem, ComplexDiscovery has recorded 525* M&A+I events.

    While not all-inclusive due to the fact that M&A+I events are not always publicly disclosed and some announcements may not represent event completion, the abridged listing of M&A+I events maintained by ComplexDiscovery notes key industry events by sharing event date, company involvement, and known event amounts.

    Industry Update

    eDiscovery Mergers, Acquisitions, and Investments in Q3 2022


    Based on an aggregate review of the abridged listing through the lens of Q3 2022, the following findings, data points, and tracking charts highlight information that may be useful for understanding M&A+I activity patterns in the eDiscovery ecosystem from July 1, 2022, through September 30, 2022.

    Five Key Findings

    • There have been at least 5 publicly noted M&A+I events in the eDiscovery ecosystem during Q3 2022. (Chart 1)
    • July and August were the most active months in Q3 2022 for M&A+I events with at least two events during each month. (Charts 1 and 2)
    • September was the least active month in Q3 2022 for M&A+I events with at least one known event during the month. (Charts 1 and 2)
    • The investment pulse rate for the three months of Q3 2022 is significantly lower than the investment pulse rate in Q3 2021. (Chart 2)
    • The Q3 2022 investment pulse rate (5) appears to be the second-lowest Q3 investment pulse rate since 2015. (Chart 2)

    M&A+I Tracking Charts

    (Charts Can Be Expanded for Detailed Viewing)

    Chart #1: An Overview of Merger, Acquisition, and Investment Events by Calendar Month (2022)

    2022 Merger, Acquisition, or Investment Events vs. Month - Q322

    Chart #2: 2015-2022 Merger, Acquisition, or Investment Events vs. Month

    2015-2022 Merger, Acquisition, or Investment Events vs. Month - Q322

    Chart #3: Merger, Acquisition, or Investment Events vs. Month (November 2001 Through September 2022)

    Merger, Acquisition, or Investment Events vs. Month - Q322

    Chart #4: Merger, Acquisition, or Investment Events vs. Year

    Merger, Acquisition, or Investment Events vs. Year - Q322

    M&A+I Data Points

    Activity By Month (Q3 2022)

    • July – 2
    • August – 2
    • September – 1

    Activity By Month (Q3 2021)

    • July – 3
    • August – 6
    • September – 4

    Activity By Month (Q3 2020)

    • July – 5
    • August – 5
    • September – 4

    M&A+I Events (Running Listing: November 2001 – Today)

    Index: eDiscovery Mergers, Acquisitions, and Investments

    Event DateAcquired (Investee)Acquirer (Investor)Amount (Estimated $)
    20-March-2023Teris, Elijah, Meta-e, and ModusRepario (JLL Partners)Strategic Partnership Between Repario Leadership Team and JLL Partners
    15-March-2023iCONECT (Investee)NewField Capital Partners (Investor)Investment Conversion to Equity
    13-March-2023JetExport E-DiscoveryTransperfectAcquisition of JetSuite Legal Technology Tools
    16-February-2023THM Partners LLPAlix Partners
    2-February-2023Younts ConsultingHBR Consulting
    31-January-2023Micro FocusOpenTextApproximately $5.8 billion, inclusive of Micro Focus’ cash and debt, subject to final adjustments.
    20-January-2023Magnet ForensicsThoma BravoApproximately $1.3B
    15-November-2022HBR Consulting (Advisory Business)Renovus CapitalAcquisition of HBR Advisory Business by Renovus Capital
    24-October-2022Technically CreativeReveal
    24-October-22HillogicSky Discovery
    30-September-2022Avalon Document Services, Inc.Surge Private Equity, LLCAnnounced on October 3, 2022. Transaction valued at approximately $36M.
    7-September-2022Business Intelligence Associates, Inc. (BIA)HaystackID
    25-August-2022Micro FocusOpenTextIntent to Acquire Micro Focus Announced
    26-July-2022Exterro (Investee)Leeds Equity Partners, Coller Capital and Glendower Capital (Investors)Recapitalization and Additional Committed Equity Capital
    5-July-22Aon's eDiscovery PracticeTCDIDefinitive Agreement to Acquire Signed on June 9, 2022
    5-May-22Comae TechnologiesMagnet Forensics
    2-May-22Forensic PursuitArcherHall
    5-April-22Cooper Discovery SolutionsArcherHall
    15-March-22Fireman & CompanyEpiq
    7-March-22ModeOne Technologies (Investee)David Marroso, Esq., Dr. Andrew Langroudi, and Gregory Mazares (Investors)Seed Round funding of more than $1M. (+)
    7-March-22L2 ServicesEmpire Technologies Risk Management Group
    3-March-22ThoughtTraceThomson ReutersDefinitive Agreement to Acquire
    24-February-22Hold360 and Request360 from Congruity 360DISCO
    24-February-22Cybersecurity and Data Protection Practice of Palmeiro & PlattEmpire Technologies Risk Management Group
    26-January-22U.S. eDiscovery Retreat Programs (From Sub-Four Capital)The CJK Group
    16-December-21GoldMindEmpire Technologies Risk Management Group
    14-December-21LegilityConsilioNote: Reported in Moody's Investor Service Announcement on November 12, 2021. Announced as completed on December 14, 2021
    1-December-21Simplex Services, inc.Epiq
    23-November-21KLDiscovery (IPO Filing)IPO (Exchange TBD)Note: Filed Form S-1 with SEC for IPO.
    11-November-21Modus (Investee)J.P. Morgan (Investor)Note: Funding Secured for Working Capital
    10-November-21Driven (Merger)Innovative Discovery (Merger)
    3-November-21Digital Safe Product Line of Micro FocusSmarshNote: Announced with intent to close in Q1 2022
    2-November-21Everlaw (Investee)TPG (Lead) with HIG Growth Partners, Capital G, Menlo Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and K9 Ventures.Series D Funding for $202,000,000
    27-October-21Nextpoint (Investee)Sterling National Bank and Bigfoot Capital (Investors)Note: $4,500,000 in Growth Capital Secured ($2,500,000 from Sterling National Bank (Senior Facility) and $2,000,000 from Bigfoot Capital (Mezzanine Financing))
    27-October-21WarRoomNextpointNote: WarRoom Acquired from LaunchPad Lab
    19-October-21Legal Consulting and eDiscovery Business Units of Special CounselConsilio
    11-October-21Digital Clues AGCellebriteNote: Announced with intent to close in Q4 2021
    6-October-21Ayfie Inspector AI Code Base from Ayfie Group, ASiCONECT
    13-September-21DME ForensicsMagnet Forensics$6,750,000 (Closing) + $2,250,000 (Potential)
    13-September-21Topos Labs, Inc.Nuix$5,000,000 (Closing) + $20,000,000 (Potential)
    9-September-21Hanzo (Investee)Recurring Capital Partners (Investor)$10,500,000
    30-August-21Cellebrite (Merger)TWC Tech Holdings - Special Purpose Acquisition Company (Merger)
    25-August-21ESI AnalystCloudNine
    17-August-21Adaptive SolutionsMorae Global Corporation
    17-August-21Morae Global Corporation (Investee)BlackRock (Investor)
    2-Aug-21Digital DiscoveryCobra Legal Solutions
    30-Jul-21Semantix (Merger)TransPerfect (Merger)
    26-Jul-21Gnoêsis GroupArray
    23-Jun-21Integreon (Investee)EagleTree Capital (Investor)Note: EagleTree Acquisition from NewQuest Capital Partners
    14-Jun-21CloudNine (Investee)Crest Rock (Investor)Note: Crest Rock Acquisition from Peak Rock Capital
    27-May-21Text IQRelativity
    17-May-2124legalSandline Discovery
    10-May-21Contract RoomMitratech
    4-May-2021Sherpa SoftwareGimmal
    3-May-2021Magnet Forensics - IPOToronto Stock Exchange (TSX)
    28-Apr-21ParalawXact Data Discovery
    26-Apr-21Proofpoint (Investee)Thomas Bravo (Investor)Note: Definitive Agreement to be Acquired for $12.3 B
    20-Apr-21Xact Data Discovery (Merger)Consilio (Merger)Note: Closed on May 17, 2021
    20-Apr-21Xact Data DiscoveryAquiline Capital Partners
    20-Apr-21ConsilioStone Point Capital
    20-Apr-21LexolutionXact Data Discovery
    19-Apr-21Druva (Investee)CDPQ, Neuberger Berman, Viking Global Investors and Atreides Management (Investors)
    13-Apr-21Zeledon-CastilloXact Data Discovery
    7-Apr-21Cobra Legal Solutions (Investee)Blue Sage Capital (Investor)
    25-Mar-21CrossRealms (Joint Venture)Veristar (Joint Venture)
    18-Mar-21Relativity (Investee)Silver Lake
    9-Mar-21Compliance (System One) (Investee)Oaktree Capital
    22-Feb-21Redpoint TechnologiesFirst Legal
    9-Feb-21Planet Data SolutionsVeristar
    26-Jan-21Reveal (Investee)K1 Investment Management (Investor)$200,000,000
    26-Jan-21Brainspace (Merger)Reveal (Merger)
    17-Dec-20DISCO (Investee)Comerica (Equity Investment)$40,000,000
    4-Dec-20Nuix LImited (NXL) - IPOAustralian Stock Exchange (ASX)
    12-Nov-20Hyperion Global PartnersEpiq
    10-Nov-20Digital ReasoningSmarsh
    15-Oct-20DISCO (Investee)Georgian Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, LiveOak Venture Partner, The Stephens Group, Breyer Capital (Investors)
    2-Oct-20RYABI Group (Merger)Rampiva Technology, Inc. (Merger) (Combined Company Now Rampiva Global LLC)
    29-Sep-20Acuity ELMMitratech
    3-Sep-20IntegroInnovative Discovery
    19-Aug-20Venio Systems (Investee)Software Growth Partners (Investor)
    13-Aug-20CaseLinesThomson Reuters
    5-Aug-20AnexsysXact Data Discovery
    4-Aug-20NightOwl Global (Merger)HaystackID (Merger)
    31-Jul-20Tracker CorpMitratech
    14-Jul-20LightSpeedXact Data Discovery
    8-Jul-20RVMXact Data Discovery
    1-Jul-20Janders DeanMorae Global Corporation
    17-Jun-20Onna (Investee)Series B Funding (Atomico, Glynn Capital Dawn Capital, Nauta Capital, and Slack Fund)$27,000,000
    10-Jun-20Paul Hastings Data Analytics Team (DSAI)UnitedLex
    10-Mar-20Everlaw (Investee)Series C Funding (CapitalG, Menlo Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, K9 Ventures)$62,000,000
    25-Feb-20TCDI (Investee)Trivest Partners, LP (Investor)
    3-Feb-20HaystackID (Investee)Quad-C Management (Recapitalization)
    29-Jan-20MindcrestDWF (Law Firm)$18,500,000
    14-Jan-20BlackBag TechnologiesCellebrite$33,000,000
    10-Jan-20RP Digital SecurityKroll (A Division of Duff & Phelps)
    8-Jan-20Superior Document Services, Inc.KLDiscovery
    24-Dec-19CarboniteOpenText$1.45 Billion
    20-Dec-19KLDiscovery (Merger)Pivotal Acquisition Corporation (Merger)
    20-Nov-19Active Navigation (Investee)Series A Funding (Mobeus)$11,000,000
    1-Nov-19Nexem Legal (Data Management and Managed Review Services)Veristar LLC
    11-Oct-19Navigant Consulting, Inc.Guidehouse$1.1 Billion
    2-Oct-19X1 (Investee)Series B Funding (Palisades Growth Capital)$5,100,000
    5-Sep-19Suppla's Business Process Outsourcing Unit (Columbia)Iron Mountain
    4-Sep-19Beyond IT ForensicsXact Data Discovery
    15-Aug-19ayfie (Investee)Second Funding Round (Initial Funding Round June 2017)$10,000,000
    8-Aug-19iCONECT (Investee)NewField Capital Partners (Investor)
    1-Aug-19E-Connect Software, Inc.Sonasoft Corp
    29-Jul-19Strategic Legal SolutionsKLDiscovery
    18-Jul-19HighQThomson Reuters
    8-Jul-19Driven, Inc. (Investee)Capital Southwest Corporation in Recapitalization (Investor)
    2-Jul-19QDiscoveryXact Data Discovery
    19-Jun-19Text IQ (Investee)FirstMark Capital with Sierra Ventures (Investors)$12,600,000
    17-Jun-19Elevate (Investee)Kayne Partners (Investor)$25,000,000
    17-Jun-19Cellebrite (Investee)Israel Growth Partners (IGP)$110,000,000
    12-Jun-19Infinnium (Investee)Sahajanand Group (Investor)
    11-Jun-19Jordan LawrenceExterro
    5-Jun-19Mindseye SolutionsReveal
    3-Jun-19Onna (Investee)Series A Funding (Dawn Capital, Dropbox, Slack Fund, and Nauta Capital)$11,000,000
    3-Jun-19Thomson Reuters Pangea3 (Managed Services)EY
    1-May-19Phoenix Business SolutionsMorae Global Corporation
    1-May-19LighthouseLightyear Capital LLC
    25-Apr-19Hotify, Inc.Sonasoft Corp, Inc.Congruity360
    3-Apr-19H&A DiscoveryEpiq
    21-Mar-19Epiq U.S. Court Reporting Business (Divestiture)Veritext Legal Solutions
    11-Feb-19Propulse VideoTransPerfect
    11-Feb-19QUiVX eDiscoveryXact Data Discovery
    7-Feb-19Luminance (Investee)Invoke Capital, Talis Capital, and Slaughter and May (Investors)$10,000,000
    31-Jan-19Catalyst Repository SystemsOpenText$75,000,000
    25-Jan-19Cognatio LawElevate
    24-Jan-19DISCO (Investee)Georgian Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, LiveOak Venture Partner, The Stephens Group, Comerica (Investors)$83,000,000
    21-Jan-19Yerra SolutionsElevate
    17-Jan-19Nighthawk Business Process ServicesEXTEND Resources
    17-Jan-19HaystackID (Investee)Knox Capital, ORIX Mezzanine & Private Equity, Maranon Capital, Baird Principal Group, Signet LLC (Investors)
    17-Jan-19eTERA ConsultingHaystackID
    14-Jan-19Kelly Legal Managed Services (KLMS)Trustpoint.One
    14-Jan-19OmnivereDriven Inc.
    7-Jan-19Garretson Resolution GroupEpiq
    5-Dec-18EsquifyXact Data Discovery
    4-Dec-18Concept SearchingNetwrix
    7-Nov-18LegalCometRajah & Tan Technologies
    30-Oct-18DiscoverReadyConsilio (GI Partners)
    19-Oct-18Confluent TranslationsTrustpoint.One
    16-Oct-18Alderson Court ReportingTrustpoint.One
    1-Oct-18Modus (Investee)CapStar Bank (Investor)
    20-Sep-18United Lex (Investee)CVC Capital Partners (Investor)
    10-Sep-18Ringtail eDiscovery Software Business (From FTI Consulting)Nuix$55,000,000
    20-Aug-18Copy Source One, LTDiNSERViO3
    15-Aug-18Wolfinger Forensics (Merger)Everest Technologies (Merger)
    13-Aug-18Innovative Discovery (Investee)Silver Oak Services Partners (Investor)
    7-Aug-18Riverview Law (Managed Services)EY
    9-July-18Controle LLCEpiq
    28-Jun-18Everlaw (Investee)Menlo Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz (Investors)$25,000.000
    25-Jun-18Navigant (Disputes, Forensics, and Legal Technology Segment (DFLT) and Transaction Advisory Services (TAS))Ankura (Madison Dearborn Partners) (Closed August 27, 2018)$470,000,000
    18-Jun-18Garden City GroupEpiq$42,000,000
    13-Jun-18Summit Scanning PartnersEverest Technologies
    31-May-18Soliton Systems (eDiscovery Business)Epiq
    23-May-18Exterro (Investment)Leeds Equity Partners (Investor)>$100,000,000
    1-May-18Cornerstone TechnologiesSonasoft Corporation
    1-May-18RPX Corporation (Inventus)HGGC (Closing Expected in 2Q or 3Q 2018)$555,000,000
    24-Apr-18Envision DiscoveryHaystackID
    24-Apr-18Inspired ReviewHaystackID
    24-Apr-18HaystackID (Haystack Holdings - Investee)Knox Capital, ORIX Mezzanine & Private Equity, Maranon Capital (Investors)
    17-Apr-18Consilio (Advanced Discovery)GI Partners
    3-Apr-18EradoZix Corporation
    26-Mar-18LexisNexis eDiscovery Product SuiteCloudNine
    26-Mar-18CloudNine (Investee)Peak Rock Captial (Investor)
    21-Mar-18Advanced DiscoveryGI Partners
    13-Mar-18Kroll (Corporate Risk Holdings)Duff & Phelps
    21-Feb-18Clearwater LegalCertaTech Solutions
    14-Feb-18Hightail (File Sharing)OpenText$20,000,000
    30-Jan-18CS Disco (Investment)Bessemer Venture Partners, LiveOak Venture Partners, The Stephens Group (Investors)$20,000,000
    29-Jan-18Update LegalDriven Inc.
    29-Jan-18Logikcull (Investment)New Enterprise Associates (“NEA”), OpenView Venture Partners, Storm Ventures (Investors)$25,000,000
    29-Jan-18KLDiscovery (Investment)WestView Capital Partners, The Carlyle Group, Revolution Growth (Investors)
    8-Jan-18Decipher Forensics (Merger)Eide Bailly LLP (Merger)
    4-Jan-18Cornerstone TechnologiesSonasoft (Letter of Intent to Acquire)
    2-Jan-18Xact Data DiscoveryJLL Partners
    18-Dec-17Heretik (Investment)Relativity, Chicago Ventures, Corazon Capital (Investors)$2,400,000
    12-Dec-17U.S. Legal Support (eDiscovery and Computer Forensics Division)Business Intelligence Associates (BIA)
    5-Dec-17HAYSTACK ID LLC (Investee)TCF Capital Funding (Support Of Knox Capital Holdings and Maranon Capital) in Recapitalization (Investor)$17.800,000
    31-Oct-17Avalon Document Services (Merger)C:Dox (Merger)
    23-Oct-17NexLP (Investment)Method Capital and Dundee Venture Capital (Investors)$3,000,000
    23-Oct-17HAYSTACKID LLC (Investee)Knox Capital (Investor)
    2-Oct-17The Oliver GroupRVM
    6-Sep-17DSicovery, LLCCounsel on Call
    26-Jul-17Guidance SoftwareOpenText$240,000,000
    25-Jul-17Heureka Software (Investee)NCT Ventures, Bridge Investments, JumpStart Inc.
    12-Jul-17Esquify (Investment)Network Ventures, Foley Ventures, and Bridge Investments (Investors)$710,000
    21-Jun-17KNJ (Merger)Congruity360 (Merger)
    17-May-17Altep, Inc.Advanced Discovery
    17-May-17Discovia (Merger)Lighthouse eDiscovery (Merger)
    16-May-17Zapproved (Investment)Vista Equity Partners (Investor)
    2-May-17Morae Legal (Merger) New Entity Called Morae Global CorporationClutch Group (Merger)
    26 - Apr - 17Ipro (Investment)ParkerGale Capital (Investor)
    4-Apr-17Mitratech (Investment)HgCapital (Investor)
    29-Mar-17Valora Technologies (Investment)DTI (Investor)
    21-Mar-17CS Disco (Investment)Comerica Bank (Debt Refinancing and Expansion)
    26 - Jan 17Secure DiscoveryReveal
    4-Dec-16Key Discovery (eDiscovery Practice)BDO USA (BDO Consulting)
    10-Nov-16Scarab ConsultingFranklin Data
    7-Nov-16Essential Discovery, Inc.FRONTEO
    4-Nov-16BrainspaceBC Partners, Medina Capital (Agreement to Acquire)$95,000,000
    1-Nov-16Stroz FriedbergAon Risk Solutions
    21-Oct-16Kroll OntrackLDiscovery LLC$410,000,000
    11-Oct-16Brainspace (Investment)In-Q-Tel, Inc (Investor)
    4-Oct-16D4 LLCAdecco Group
    30-Sep-16Epiq Systems (Merger)DTI (Merger)
    29-Sep-16Druva (Investment)Sequoia Capital, Blue Cloud Ventures, Hercules Capital, NTT Finance, Nexus Venture Partners, Tenaya Capital (Investors)$51,000,000
    1-Sep-16IntegreonNewQuest Capital Partners
    23-Aug-16Logikcull (Investment)OpenView Ventures, Storm Ventures (Investors)$10,000,000
    22-Aug-16Avalon Documents Services (Merger)Southeastern Document Services (Merger)
    3-Aug-16Lighthouse eDiscovery (Investee)CIT Bank North America (Line of Credit)$23,000,000
    2-Aug-16CS Disco (Investment)The Stephens Group, Bessemer Venture Partners, LiveOak Venture Partners (Investors)$18,575,000
    1-Aug-16Hitec LaboratoriesMitratech
    27-Jul-16Epiq SystemsOMERS Private Equity And Harvest Partners (Agreement)$1,000,000,000
    13-Jul-16iCONECT (Investment)Fraser Mackenzie Merchant Capital (Investor)
    21-Jun-16CMO SoftwareMitratech
    19-May-16Jurinnov Ltd.TCDI
    11-May-16Adept STS, LimitedDTI
    10-May-16Omega Discovery, LLCSkyline Discovery Consulting
    5-May-16Elite Document SolutionsLDiscovery LLC
    2-May-16RecallIron Mountain$2,000,000,000
    25-Apr-16F1 DiscoveryXact Data Discovery
    14-Apr-16Gotham Digital ScienceStroz Friedberg
    14-Mar-16Content AnalystkCura
    10-Mar-16Archyvu SystemsIron Mountain
    2-Mar-16Landmark Legal SolutionsD4 LLC
    20-Jan-16Kiersted SystemsOmniVere LLC
    19-Jan-16Orange Legal TechnologiesXact Data Discovery
    19-Jan-16Review Less LLCInspired Review LLC
    14-Jan-16Everlaw (Investment)Andreessen Horowitz (Investor)$8,100,000
    7-Jan-16MillnetAdvanced Discovery
    6-Jan-16LDiscovery LLCCarlyle Group, Revolution Growth$150,000,000
    5-Jan-16Legal Placements, Inc.Advanced Discovery
    31-Dec-15Huron Legal (Divestiture from Huron Consulting Group)Consilio$134,000,000
    15-Dec-15Inventus Solutions, Inc.RPX Corporation$232,000,000
    2-Dec-15Proven Legal TechnologiesConsilio
    12-Oct-15Ditto Document Services (eDiscovery Division)Advanced Discovery
    6-Oct-15eDepoze (Investee)Nova Partners, LLC (Investor)$2,800,000
    16-Sep-15Kennett GroupTRU Staffing Partners
    15-Sep-15Mitratech (Investment)TA Associates (Investors)
    1-Sep-15OmniVere (Investee)Gibraltar Business Capital (Line of Credit)
    24-Aug-15CaseTrack (EAG)Mitratech
    24-Aug-15Copy SecureLDiscovery LLC
    11-Aug-15Credence CorporationLDiscovery LLC
    11-Aug-15Veritas (From Symantec)Carlyle Group$8,000,000
    6-Aug-15Elysium DigitalStroz Friedberg
    3-Aug-15Consilio (Investment)Shamrock Capital Advisors (Investor)
    3-Aug-15EvD, Inc. (Evolve Discovery)UBIC, Inc.
    21-Jul-15iManage (LBO From HP)iManage
    8-Jul-15Heureka Software (Investee)Franklin Data (Investment)
    7-Jul-15Bridgeway SoftwareMitratech
    1-Jul-15VE DiscoveryFranklin Data
    1-Jul-15Rittman Mead IndiaHuron Consulting Group
    23-Jun-15Kooby, LLPInventus Solutions, Inc.
    22-Jun-15NRC Inc.Myriad Technologies
    12-Jun-15FLEX DiscoveryHAYSTACKID
    1-Jun-15Merrill Corporation (Legal Solutions Group)DTI
    14-May-15Resolution1 Security (AccessData Group)Fidelis Cybersecurity
    13-May-15Actiance (Investment)Golub Capital (Investor)$28,000,000
    4-May-15Iris Data ServicesEpiq Systems$134,000,000
    30-Mar-15Lightbox TechnologiesStroz Friedberg
    26-Mar-15Unified OS Ltd.Inventus, LLC
    24-Mar-15Logikcull (Investment)Storm Ventures, Private (Investors)$4,000,000
    16-Mar-15Platinum Legal GroupPwC Canada
    12-Feb-15Lighthouse eDiscovery (Investee)Spire Capital (Investor)$30,000,000
    3-Feb-15kCura (Investment)Iconiq Capital (Investor)$125,000,000
    2-Feb-15Zapproved (Investment)K1 Investment Management (Investor)$15,000,000
    14-Jan-15Xact Data DiscoveryClearview Capital
    6-Jan-15Decisiv Email (From Recommind)NetDocuments
    5-Jan-15Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC)OpenText
    31-Dec-14Image Engine (Investment)BeyondRecognition (Investor)
    22-Dec-14Turnstone SolutionsLDiscovery LLC
    20-Nov-14CS Disco (Investment)Bessemer Venture Partners, LiveOak Venture Partners, Private Investors$10,000,000
    17-Nov-14RenewData (Merger) (Investment)LDiscovery LLC (Merger) (Investor)$40,000,000
    10-Nov-14Hudson Global, Inc. (eDiscovery Assets)DTI$23,000,000
    3-Nov-14Evidence ExchangeAlixPartners
    17-Oct-14Strategic Document SolutionsD4 LLC
    16-Oct-14TrialGraphixResonant Legal Media
    16-Oct-14Falcon DiscoveryDTI
    9-Oct-14Discovery Services LLCeTERA Consulting
    8-Oct-14Flash Data SolutionsLDiscovery LLC
    7-Oct-14Responsive Data SolutionsAdvanced Discovery
    2-Oct-14Fontis InternationalIron Mountain
    24-Sep-14Rand Secure Data (Zovy)Alta Equity Partners
    17-Sep-14DW Legal (Investment)BeyondRecognition (Investor)
    28-Aug-14TechLaw SolutionsUBIC, Inc.$8,400,000
    19-Aug-14DTI (Recapitalization)OMERS Private Equity
    16-Aug-14DruvaSeries D Funding (Sequoia Capital, Nexus Venture Partners,Tenaya Capital)$25,000,000
    16-Aug-14Advanced Discovery (Investment)Trivest Partners
    8-Aug-14C2C SystemsBarracuda Networks
    16-Jun-14Clarity Litigation Support LLCIris Data Services
    12-Jun-14DiscoverReady (Chapter 11 Reorg/Investment)Bayside Capital
    11-Jun-14Commonwealth LegalRicoh Canada
    9-Jun-14TeamConnect Legal Hold (Kiersted)Mitratech
    27-May-14C:DOX (Investment)Xact Data Discovery
    12-May-14AccessData Litigation Support Services (LSS)OmniVere LLC$18,000,000
    7-May-14CaliforensicsCapital Digital Document Solutions
    7-May-14PartnerJDTrustPoint International
    18-Apr-14Smart Data ConsultingXerox
    11-Feb-14Cicayda (Investment)Private$2,200,000
    31-Jan-14Cicayda (Investment)Private$3,800,000
    20-Jan-14ATD Legal Services Professional CorporationDeloitte
    16-Jan-14Applied DiscoveryDTI
    15-Jan-14CS Disco (Investment)Live Oak Venture Partners$2,000,000
    14-Jan-14LT OnlineMitratech
    13-Nov-13DataCluesPrecision Discovery, Inc.
    24-Oct-13TERIS (Washington and California Offices)Inventus Solutions
    15-Oct-13Schiefelbein Analytics LLCTechLaw Solutions
    18-Sep-13RecommindSeries C Funding (SAP Ventures)$15,000,000
    12-Sep-13PureDiscoverySeries C Funding (Medina Capital)$9,000,000
    28-Aug-13H5Series A Funding$395,000
    14-Aug-13LDiscovery LLC (Merger)AlphaLit (Merger)
    21-Jun-13PLA-Litigation Solutions GroupD4 LLC
    20-Jun-13In Demand Document Services, LLC (IDDS)Xact Data Discovery
    20-Jun-13Inventus, LLCClearlake Capital Group, L.P.
    11-Jun-13Modus eDiscovery (Investment)Harbert Management Corporation and Azalea Capital (Investment)$10,000,000
    16-May-13UBIC Inc. (Investment)Initial Public Offering-NASDAQ (Investment)$104,500,000
    4-Apr-13Taylor WoodingsFTI Consulting
    18-Mar-13Altep, Inc. (Merger)eLitigation Solutions (Merger)
    15-Mar-13AccessData (Investment)Sorensen Capital$20,000,000
    15-Mar-13AccessData (Investment)Silicon Valley Bank$20,000,000
    14-Mar-13Wolters Kluwer (25% Minority Interest in AccessData)AccessData
    6-Mar-13Resonate KTOpenText
    4-Mar-13eDirect Impact LLC (Merger)Elijah Ltd. (Merger)
    19-Feb-13First to FileCPA Global (Cinven)
    6-Feb-13Preferred ImagingQuantum Discovery
    9-Jan-13Everlaw (Investment)Ulu Ventures, K9 Ventures, Monumental Venture Partners$850,000
    29-Nov-12Fios, Inc.DTI
    28-Nov-12IdeaPlan Ltd.Workshare (SkyDox Ltd.)
    1-Nov-12Peritia Data DiscoveryElite Document Technology
    19-Oct-12Flash DiscoveryXact Data Discovery
    9-Oct-12iEnvision TechnologyDuff & Phelps
    5-Oct-12Digital ReefTransPerfect
    17-Sep-12Arkovi BackupsRegEd
    13-Sep-12Market Counsel (MailBanc Messaging Unit)Global Relay
    11-Sep-12WorkshareSkyDox Ltd.
    6-Aug-12StoredIQ (Investment)Private (12 Investors)
    2-Aug-12On Target Litigation SolutionsD4, LLC
    1-Aug-12K&B Document TechnologiesXACT Data Discovery
    19-Jul-12OrcaTec (Investment)Private
    2-Jul-12Lateral DataXerox$30,000,000
    26-Jun-12AdamsGraysonHuron Consulting Group$31,500,000
    25-Jun-12IE DiscoveryDeloitte Financial Services
    13-Jun-12Black Letter DiscoveryTrustpoint International
    13-Jun-12Data ForteDocument Technologies, Inc.
    12-Jun-12AscertusHuron Consulting Group
    6-Jun-12Landmark Legal SolutionsFlex Discovery
    4-Jun-12Sanction SolutionsLexisNexis
    29-May-12Sight, Sound & SelectionSuperiorGlacier
    23-May-12Intelligent Discovery Management (IDM)SuperiorGlacier
    16-May-12Equivalent Data (Investment)Trinity Hunt
    15-May-12N-Tier DiscoveryRVM Enterprises, Inc.
    10-May-12Excelerate (Merger)TrustPoint International (Merger)
    1 - May - 12RenewData (Investment)ABS Capital Partners, CIBC (Investor)
    18-Apr-12Omega Legal TechnologiesAderant
    10-Apr-12Catalyst Repository Systems (Investment)FTV Capital$37,000,000
    6-Apr-12CRGTransPerfect Legal Solutions
    22-Mar-12Lighthouse eDiscovery (Investee)Union Bay Capital (Investor)$3,000,000
    20-Mar-12DLR LegalFirst Advantage Litigation Consulting
    19-Mar-12ISYS SearchLexmark$35,000,000
    15-Mar-12Detroit Legal ImagingD4, LLC
    13-Mar-12Applied Technology Group LLCAderant
    6-Mar-12Ivize (Merger)Modus, LLC
    6-Mar-12Modus, LLCAzalea Capital
    13-Feb-12AptaraiEnergizer Limited
    7-Feb-12CaseCentralGuidance Software$17,100,000
    18-Jan-12CPA GlobalCinven$1,450,000,000
    6-Jan-12Applied DiscoverySirus Capital$95,000,000
    28-Dec-11De Novo LegalEpiq Systems
    2-Dec-11Document Technologies, Inc. (Recapitalization)Harvest Partners
    26-Oct-11e-DocuplusFlex Discovery
    12-Oct-11RiverGlassAllen Systems Group (ASG)$68,000,000
    30-Sep-11LDiscovery (Recapitalization)Westview Capital Parters
    8-Sep-11Firefly DataworksiControl ESI
    1-Sep-11CP Document TechnologiesAdvanced Discovery Services
    1-Sep-11Bridge City LegalDTI
    25-Jul-11ACT Litigation ServicesDiscoverReady$65,000,000
    19-Jul-11Ignited DiscoveryNavigant
    25-Jun-11United Lex (Investment)Sequoia Capital, Helion Venture Partners, Canaan Partners$17,000,000
    9-Jun-11eDiscovery ForensicsMcCann Investigations
    19-May-11Clearwell SystemsSymantec$390,000,000
    17-May-11Nuix (Investment)Maquarie Capital Group
    16-May-11Iron MountainAutonomy$380,000,000
    4-Apr-11Encore Discovery SolutionsEpic Systems$100,000,000
    1-Apr-11LECG Legal Technology PracticeHuron Consulting Group
    22-Mar-11Vertica SystemsHP
    15-Feb-11Everlaw (Investment)K9 Ventures$655,000
    31-Jan-11iFrameworkWave Software
    23-Dec-10First AdvantageSymphony Technology Group$265,000,000
    18-Dec-10Pangea3Thomson Reuters
    7-Dec-10Unlimited Discovery GroupDTI
    6-Dec-10Capitol Discovery ServicesIris Data Services
    4-Nov-10Trilantic InternationalHuron Consulting Group
    13-Oct-10PSS SystemsIBM$65,000,000
    5-Oct-10Serengeti LawThomson Reuters
    30-Sep-10Stroz Friedberg (Investment)New Mountain Capital Group$115,000,000
    20-Sep-10Daticon EEDDTI
    13-Jul-10CaseLogistixThomson Reuters
    29-Jun-10DaegisUnify Corporation$37,500,000
    9-Jun-10CA (Information Governance)Autonomy
    10-May-10Tableau LLCGuidance Software$12,300,000
    9-May-10CT SummationAccessData
    4-May-10American Data ServicesAdvanced Discovery Services
    26-Apr-10Inference DataDOAR Litigation Consulting
    22-Feb-10Mimosa SystemsIron Mountain$112,000,000
    14-Jan-10Array Technology Group LLCU.S. Legal Support
    6-Nov-09DiscoverReadyDolan Media
    1-Oct-09Anacomp (France)Techtrek Limited
    1-Sep-09Kazeon SystemsEMC
    1-Aug-09Digital MandateRenewData
    16-Apr-09AXS-OneUnify Corporation$8,000,000
    5-Apr-09Anacomp (UK)Formscan
    24-Feb-09LuciData, LTD
    10-Feb-09Black Letter DiscoveryCallidus Holdings (Milestone Partners)
    5-Jan-09Focus SolutionsContinuum Worldwide
    29-Aug-08Access LitigationEdmond Scientific
    27-Jul-08Lexalytics, Inc.Infonic
    24-Jul-08Discovery MiningInterwoven
    8-Jul-08DaticonElectronic Evidence Discovery
    10-Jun-08Attenex (Merger)FTI Consulting$88,000,000
    3-Jun-08Datum LegalIntegreon
    2-Jun-08Midnight RunOrange Legal Technologies
    25-Apr-08Message OneDell
    31-Mar-08Tower SoftwareHP
    7-Mar-08DocuityStroz Friedberg
    14-Jan-08Barrasso ConsultingDeloitte
    12-Feb-08Lighthouse Global TechnologiesAtempo
    6-Dec-07MetaLINCSSeagate Technology
    31-Oct-07StratifyIron Mountain$158,000,000
    18-Sep-07TrialGraphixKroll Ontrack
    25-Jun-07Accutrac Software, Inc.Iron Mountain
    18-Jun-07Intralinks (Investment)TA Associates (Investor)
    6-Jun-07Image Capture Engineering, Inc.Lexis Nexis
    31-May-07SyngencePrivate Investment Group
    1-Mar-07LextranetMerrill Corporation
    20-Nov-06EngeniumKroll Ontrack
    6-Oct-06CaseDataOce Business Services
    18-Sep-06Whitmont Legal TechnologiesTechbooks
    1-Aug-06Document Review Consulting ServicesHuron Consulting Group
    1-Aug-06Aaxis TechnologiesHuron Consulting Group
    12-Jul-06D-M Information SystemsEsquire Litigation Solutons
    9-Jul-06MDY GroupCA
    25-May-06SPI TechePLDT
    4-Apr-06Ibis ConsultingPitney Bowes$67,000,000
    31-Jan-06IbasKroll Ontrack$45,000,000
    17-Nov-05nMatrixEpiq Systems$125,000,000
    1-Jul-05RealLegal Litigation Technology DivisionLiveNote, Inc.
    10-Jun-05NikuComputer Associates$350,000,000
    23-Feb-05Ringtail Solutions GroupFTI Consulting$35,000,000
    16-Dec-04VERITAS SoftwareSymantec$13,500,000
    1-Dec-04Summation Legal TechnologiesWolters Kluwer
    18-May-04KrollMarsh & McLennan
    24-Feb-04KVSVERITAS Software$225,000,000
    1-Nov-03Lex Solutio (Phoenix)Frontenac (Chicago)$23,000,000
    11-Jul-03Applied DiscoveryLexisNexis$95,000,000
    2-Apr-02ONTRACK Data InternationalKroll$121,000,000

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