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Content Assessment: Embracing AI's Potential: DISCO's Survey on Generative AI Adoption

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A short percentage-based assessment of the qualitative benefit of the recent announcement by eDiscovery provider DISCO of the results of its research into the adoption of generative artificial intelligence (GAI) in highly regulated industries.

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Background Note:  In an era marked by technological innovation, generative AI stands as a critical frontier, particularly in regulated sectors like legal, healthcare, education, and finance. DISCO, a forerunner in AI-enabled legal technology, initiated a comprehensive study analyzing contrasting sentiments on generative AI among 1,000 U.S.-based adults. This research offers valuable insights for cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery professionals, laying down a path for future generative AI growth, focusing on privacy, governance, and ethical considerations.

Announcement Overview

Embracing AI’s Potential: DISCO’s Survey on Generative AI Adoption

ComplexDiscovery Staff

Generative AI, with its vast potential, is at the forefront of digital transformation across numerous industries. However, as the recent survey commissioned by DISCO reveals, contrasting sentiments and hesitancy exist around its implementation, particularly within highly regulated sectors like legal, finance, healthcare, and education.

The poll, conducted by Dynata in June 2023, targeted 1,000 general U.S.-based consumers over 18 years of age. The findings are startling: 62% of respondents have not implemented any generative AI tools for work-related tasks in the past six months, indicating a significant scope for wider adoption.

A lack of viable products and concerns about privacy, bias, and transparency are clearly holding back progress. “Organizations and global enterprises are starting to realize how generative AI can drive business transformation,” said Melanie Antoon, DISCO’s Senior Vice President of Professional Services. Yet, this potential is hindered by these challenges.

The study does more than highlight problems; it also offers a roadmap for future growth. A notable 65% of respondents cited guaranteed human management as a top preference for bolstering trust and confidence in adopting generative AI in regulated industries. Additionally, 48% sought regulatory oversight and transparency as essential factors in building trust.

In the legal sector, generative AI has profound implications. With the advent of advanced solutions like Cecilia, designed by DISCO, there’s a possibility to significantly improve legal review processes, including areas like record-keeping/documentation, citing past cases, general legal advice, and drafting legal documents/contracts. The survey’s insights provide guidance on these potential uses and more.

The contrasting perspectives on generative AI adoption revealed by the survey are a compelling commentary on where we stand today. From a 36% openness to its use in healthcare to a 21% acceptance in legal, the differences are stark. Moreover, 39% of respondents expressed hesitancy towards AI utilization in regulated industries, emphasizing the need for addressing privacy concerns.

The findings of DISCO’s survey are not just statistics; they are a calling for organizations to prioritize privacy, ethical considerations, and trust-building measures. They underscore the urgent need to bridge the gap between consumer comfort and actual adoption, with privacy measures and bias mitigation techniques ensuring control and transparency throughout the AI integration process.

The legal profession’s journey in embracing change through generative AI is just the beginning. The DISCO survey offers a thorough analysis and a path forward for all regulated industries to follow. The potential benefits are vast, but achieving them requires careful planning, consideration, and above all, a commitment to ethical and transparent practices.

Read more on the GAI Study by DISCO.

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