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    Content Assessment: Relativity Announces AI and Data Management Product Updates at 13th Annual Relativity Fest

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    A short percentage-based assessment of the qualitative benefit of the recent Relativity press announcement on its introduction of AI and Data Management Product updates.

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    Press Announcement Extract (October 27, 2022)

    Relativity Announces AI and Data Management Product Updates at 13th Annual Relativity Fest

    Fest Update

    Relativity, a global legal and compliance technology company, today announced several AI and data management product updates at its annual conference, Relativity Fest. In the keynote presentation, Relativity shared its progress in leveraging AI to transform the review experience, empowering users to solve new challenges with AI, simplify data management, and accelerate document review and translation.

    Relativity’s CEO Mike Gamson kicked off the keynote address reflecting on the company’s strong trajectory in 2022, significant progress on its product roadmap, and acknowledging continued forward momentum. Earlier this year, Relativity acquired Heretik to expand its contract intelligence capabilities and offer integrated, purpose-built contract review. The company launched Relativity Patents in April 2022, the first AI-based patent search and workflow tool designed for attorneys. Relativity released Translate for RelativityOne which leverages the power of AI to securely translate documents. Since its launch in September, Translate accounts for 49 direct customers.

    “We’re acutely cognizant of the critical role technology plays in service of empowering our global community to tackle today’s emerging and proliferating data challenges,” said Gamson. “And we see this as our opportunity to activate our mission through bold innovation, strategic investment and remaining laser-focused on delivering the cutting-edge solutions our customers need to navigate an ever-changing data landscape.”

    Moreover, the company has taken key steps to growing its global footprint with 16 data centers, including those in FranceIndia and Japan which opened this year—and another coming soon in South Africa. In the recently published IDC MarketScape report, Relativity was named the Leader in eDiscovery review, demonstrating industry confidence in the company’s offerings and strategic direction. This title follows the recent naming of Relativity as a Leader in eDiscovery Early Case Assessment (ECA).

    Leveraging AI to Transform the Review Experience

    As the shape of data changes, data volumes explode and privacy laws proliferate, Relativity is making thoughtful and strategic product investments in response to the evolving landscape, including harnessing the power of AI to enhance the review experience. This year, Relativity has made significant progress in improving review-based workflows with sentiment analysis and Review Center, both of which are currently in advanced access and will be available to all RelativityOne customers in the coming months.

    Sentiment analysis uses AI to identify positive, negative and other targeted signals across data helping users grasp the full, people-driven picture. Sentiment scores and filterable fields are used to prioritize information, identify the most relevant documents and easily view material in the context of communications. Viewer integration and communication visualizations will allow users to click into documents to see highlighted sentences or overlay sentiment across communication analyses to dig into key conversations.

    “Sentiment analysis identified 20 documents that were pivotal to a case we were working on that may have never been reviewed,” said Craig Macaulay, Data Scientist at Phi Finney McDonald. “We don’t often find a ‘smoking gun’ in our discovery. Using sentiment analysis that quickly identifies these powerful, relevant documents has been instrumental in painting a picture that helps us prove our case.”

    Review Center is RelativityOne’s new destination for review management and administration. Consolidation of previously disparate tasks, coupled with advanced AI functionality and flexibility, produces a comprehensive dashboard to help users understand the nature and status of projects.

    Empowering Users to Solve Privacy and Compliance Challenges with AI

    With data breaches on the incline — the overall number of data compromises is up more than 68 percent compared to 2020 — it’s even more critical for law firms and service providers to quickly help clients identify impacted individuals and ensure they’re notified in the timeline required by privacy laws. And Relativity continues to iterate on its purpose-built AI to manage data breach response and better tackle privacy challenges.

    Text IQ for Data Breach powers data breach response with AI so users can respond quickly, accurately and intelligently. Leveraging AI in data breach response can cut assessment time by 75% allowing action to be taken in a timely manner when it matters most. Text IQ for Data Breach is currently in advanced access and Relativity is targeting general availability in RelativityOne in Q1 2023.

    Additionally, Text IQ for Personal Information (PI) will be integrated with Redact in RelativityOne and available for advanced access in Q1 2023. Text IQ for PI will combine the industry’s most comprehensive redaction capabilities in RelativityOne with the purpose-built AI in Text IQ to help organizations better adhere to evolving global privacy regulations. The solution improves the accuracy of PI identification, cutting the PI document population for review by 50% and increasing the speed of review by five to six times. By automating the identification of sensitive data and redaction, legal teams can focus on strategy and innovation.

    “The volumes and varieties of personal information subject to a breach make it difficult to use a traditional e-discovery workflow to isolate information for notification purposes,” said Kelly Friedman, Senior Counsel & National Leader at BLG Beyond Discovery. “Text IQ for Data Breach groups personal information and individuals, allowing the legal team to focus on what they are good at — making legal judgement calls — instead of organizing data.”

    Relativity’s AI-powered communication surveillance product, Relativity Trace, uses data cleansing to prevent alerts from being generated on duplicative or non-authored content, so reviewers are only notified of the relevant portion that was written by the sender. Relativity Trace will expand its data cleansing capabilities in 2023 by removing more irrelevant content like cybersecurity disclaimers, salutations/greetings and duplicative content by focusing on individual messages and sentences to get a more granular understanding of intentions and potential risks.

    New Capabilities Make Data Management Easier

    By end of year, Relativity will launch its new import-export capabilities, enabling all RelativityOne users to easily and efficiently transfer data. The solution provides simple drag-and-drop functionality and eliminates the needs for various tools saving time and effort and accelerating the path to review. Shortly after the release, an Express Transfer app will be available for large imports and exports to enable greater speed than ever before.

    In addition, Relativity has partnered with iManage to create an integration that evolves how law firms manage their data. The integration allows customers to directly collect documents from Cloud iManage into RelativityOne, via Collect. Users can stay within RelativityOne and kick off a Cloud iManage bulk export using key filters, ensuring only the most relevant data is collected and never leaves the secure boundaries of Microsoft Azure.

    “Our customers are genuinely excited about the burgeoning partnership with Relativity,” said Dan Dosen, EVP Channel & Alliances at iManage. “The integration between our cloud platforms will remove friction to allow lawyers to more easily and securely achieve their business outcomes. We are looking forward to our first Relativity Fest in Chicago and continuing to speak with customers about how we can maximize the benefits for our shared customers.”

    Review and Translate Documents Faster Than Ever

    Once data is in RelativityOne, it is critical that investigators and reviewers can quickly dive in. To accelerate speed to review, Relativity has increased the power of the processing engine to help place structure and automation around large volumes of unstructured data to save time and resources. Relativity Processing has already processed more data in RelativityOne through September 2022 than all of 2021.

    In addition, Relativity continues to enhance Automated Workflows to help teams increase efficiency out-of-the-box, eliminate manual steps, and reduce the risk of human error. With this capability, over 80% of tasks have been automated.

    “Automated Workflows has saved us an enormous amount of time. This year, we worked to get the full-scale use of Analytics on all of our cases,” said Kacey Hall, Counsel Litigation at Verizon. “We’ve added dtSearch, search terms reports, and conceptual and classification indexes to different templates and have set different triggers based on the matter type. Knowing that these steps are automated gives us peace of mind. Automated Workflows has become an essential part of our process.”

    For many of Relativity’s global customers, reviews often involve document translation which can be time consuming and expensive. To streamline this process, Relativity now offers Translate, a solution that provides machine translations for 112 languages directly in RelativityOne, saving customers hours of translation time and costs. Translate will soon be supported by Automated Workflows, which will enable both triggers to update search and analytics indexes once translations are complete and mass exports of translated native documents to be easily leveraged for depositions and interviews.

    About Relativity

    Relativity makes software to help users organize data, discover the truth and act on it. Its SaaS product, RelativityOne, manages large volumes of data and quickly identifies key issues during litigation and internal investigations. The AI-powered communication surveillance product, Relativity Trace, proactively detects regulatory misconduct like insider trading, collusion and other non-compliant behavior. Relativity has more than 300,000 users in approximately 40 countries serving thousands of organizations globally primarily in legal, financial services and government sectors, including the U.S. Department of Justice and 198 of the Am Law 200. Relativity has been named one of Chicago’s Top Workplaces by the Chicago Tribune for 10 consecutive years. Please contact Relativity at or visit for more information.

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